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Beijing Skymap partnership signals major move for Pix4D into China

Pix4D landed a key opening into the China drone market, thanks to a new partnership with Beijing Skymap Technology Co., Ltd.

Pix4D, which is one of the biggest companies working on using drones for photogrammetry, this summer signed a deal with Beijing Skymap Technology to allow it to become exclusive reseller of Pix4D’s tech in mainland China. Beijing Skymap is already a big player in China has a high-tech enterprise working on everything from software sales, service, research and development, and project integration throughout mainland China.

Beijing Skymap and Pix4D have long been partners, but this exclusive deal guarantees that Pix4D has a steady foothold in China. Under the new deal,  Beijing Skymap Technology will now be the primary contact for Pix4D users located in mainland China.

Beijing Skymap Pix4D partnership

Beijing Skymap Technology Co., Ltd. has been around for about 10 years, working through various aspects of the field of spatial information and remote sensing. So, the rise of drones has been a natural fit for the company, which provides project consulting, technical support, software research and development, project implementation for people looking to use drones (or any other sort of spatial and remote sensing tech, such as satellite, IOT, and GIS mapping). Its customers come from industries including surveying and mapping, urban planning, land and resource management, water conservancy, electric power, energy, environmental protection, agriculture, and forestry.

“With the diversification of Pix4D’s product portfolio to meet the specific needs of industries like surveying & mapping, inspection, construction, agriculture, and public safety, it was natural to partner with an experienced company such as Beijing Skymap Technology Co., Ltd. to provide high-quality sales, customer service and customization services,” according to a prepared statement from Pix4D.

Pix4D, which was founded in 2011, is a major player in the aerial photogrammetry space. The Swiss-based company builds software that converts images taken by hand, drone, or plane into geo-referenced, survey-grade 2D mosaics, 3D models, and point clouds.

Its primary product offering is PIX4Dmapper, which is a photogrammetry software for drone mapping. Though, it also builds other software more specific to certain industries including PIX4Dfields for agriculture, PIX4Dreact for emergency response, and PIX4Dinspect for automated industrial inspection and asset management.

The company is expanding at a pretty rapid clip worldwide, having opened an office in Denver just before the pandemic, as well as opening an office in Tokyo earlier this year. In China, Pix4D is still hiring a Business Development Executive, signaling additional growth plans.

As far as other parts of Asia, Pix4D users in Hong Kong will be served by another country, GeoSys Hong Kong Limited (which had previously been the case), while users in Taiwan are served by yet another company, Geoforce Technologies Co., Ltd.

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