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Drone Pilot Ground School 5 year anniversary sale kicks off with $100+ discount

Happy 5th Birthday, Drone Pilot Ground School! Five years might seem young when you’re a tot in kindergarten, but it’s ancient in drone years. And in these short five years, Drone Pilot Ground School has built up a big presence. And now, there’s a 5 year anniversary sale to celebrate!

Drone Pilot Ground School does a lot for the drone community in terms of its forums, its free FAA recreational drone test offering, its flying guides and more, but it’s perhaps most famous for its online Part 107 training course.

While the course usually costs $299, there’s a week-long, 5 year anniversary sale where the price drops down to just $192. The sale begins Friday, July 30 and runs through Thursday, August 5 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Use this link and the discount will automatically apply to purchase made before the sale ends on August 5.

Drone Pilot Ground School is absolutely massive, having supported  more than 30,000 students as they pass their Part 107 test. And students typically pass on their first try, as the Part 107 online training course claims a 99% pass rate among its students. (I can attest that I’m one of the 99%, woo!, as I used them to study for my own Part 107 test.

drone pilot ground school 5 year anniversary sale part 107 test

What is the Part 107 test?

Officially dubbed the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test (but typically referred to as the ‘Part 107 test’), it’s a mandatory test required by the FAA under Part 107 in order for you to be able to operate a drone commercially

The Part 107 test consists of just an in-person written exam, which has 60 multiple choice questions. The test can be taken at one of about 700 testing centers spread throughout the U.S.

And Drone Pilot Ground School is one of my favorite means of studying for it. Its online course contains video lectures, 300 practice questions including actual FAA questions and a 12 page cram sheet, takes about 15-20 hours to get through.

But Drone Pilot Ground School has contributed a lot more to the world of drones in its 5 years than just that. It has offered college scholarships for high school studentswaived online test prep enrollment fees for students, offered in-person drone flight training classes and more. And in a huge recent announcement, Drone Pilot Ground School now reaches more than just hopeful commercial drone pilots, but recreational pilots too now that it has become an approved TRUST (Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Test) administrator.

Get in on the Drone Pilot Ground School 5 year anniversary sale here.

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