Dollywood drone light show

Dollywood drone light show debuts: watch it here

The Dollywood drone light show had a successful debut this weekend. And even if you’re not anywhere near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you can watch the Dolly Parton-affiliated drone light show from the comfort of your own couch. The Dollywood team gave us some footage of the show:

Dollywood is the latest theme park to embrace Intel’s drone light shows, and is hosting drone performances each evening during the park’s Summer Celebration, which runs from June 25-July 31. The show uses nearly 400 of Intel’s Shooting Star drones, which fly in shapes including a smiling face, a couple and a butterfly, all set to pop music. It’s also integrated into a broader, more traditional fireworks show.

Here are a few photos from the premiere weekend of the Dollywood drone light show:

Dollywood drone light show
Dollywood drone light show

Intel’s Shooting Star drones are tiny, at less than a foot in diameter and weighing less than a pound. Each drone serves as a pixel of light that — when combined with tens and sometimes hundreds of other Shooting Star drones — illuminates the night sky in unique shapes.

Dollywood is a 160-acre theme park located near Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and is part of a resort property which includes a water park, spa, hotel and cabin sites.

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Tennessee evenings are known for fireflies lighting up the skies, but this is the first time that Intel’s drones will light up the Pigeon Forge skies. That said, Intel’s drones aren’t a stranger to theme parks. Intel teamed up with Universal Studios in 2019 to put on a “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” show in the Harry Potter-themed section of the park. That show used a variety of special effects to create the illusion of Dementors, Death Eaters. The drones came into play as they portrayed a massive Patronus charm in the shape of a stag brightening up the sky. Walt Disney World partnered with Intel way back in 2016 to host a light show in the Disney Springs shopping center at its Orlando resort property. Intel’s drones have also served as nighttime entertainment at major events including Coachella and the Super Bowl.

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To learn more about the Intel drone light shows, check out a recording of an event I hosted with Intel’s drone light show team featuring Cindy Ng, marketing director of the Intel Drone Group where she shares behind-the-scenes details about the Intel drone light shows, including where the drones perform and behind-the-scenes secrets on how each show is planned and executed.

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