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2021 drone survey needs participants — and there’s money on the table

Another addition of the annual DroneAnalyst Drone Market Sector Survey is set to publish — but it needs participants to respond to the actual drone survey before that can happen.

The fifth edition of what is now the drone industry’s longest-running annual survey will publish later this year, in September 2021. Industry experts (and Team Drone Girl) rely on it heavily to understand where the drone industry has been over the past year and where it’s headed.

Survey responses come from people who work or have an interest in the drone industry — which is you. And now, the 2021 Market Sector Report needs people to respond to the online research portion of it, which seeks to understand drone purchases, service providers, business and public agency buyers and software services.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and can be taken here.

As an incentive to take the survey, you’ll receive a free summary report of the research results once they publish this fall — which normally costs $95. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win a $400 gift card.

For the 2021 Market Sector Report, you can expect answers to questions including:

  • How new autonomous features are impacting purchases and adoption
  • Use of flight management and data analytic software for image-based projects
  • The impact concerns (and rules) around Chinese-made drones have had on drone purchases
  • Who’s buying what types of drones, for what price and for what uses

Drone Analyst surveys began back in 2016 as a way to provide concrete data about who is buying and using drones. Since then, the survey has evolved to cover topics around drone service providers and business buyers, the impact of COVID-19, US-China trade war and the origins of corporate drone programs. It’s tracked valuable figures such as DJI market share, and shed light on why people buy drones.

Take the 2021 Market Sector Report survey here. The period to take the survey will be open until mid-July, and the initial results will be published in September.

2021 drone survey drone analyst

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