SkyeBrowse Autel thermal videogrammetry

SkyeBrowse launches thermal mapping software for Autel drones

SkyeBrowse, which is the brainchild of multiple state and federal-funded research projects at Rutgers University, is a software that allows its users to map a 3D model of data collect via say, a drone, in one tap. And now, SkyeBrowse software is compatible with Autel drones.

U.S.-based SkyeBrowse announced this month the launch of a software that enables Autel EVO II drones to create 3D models of an area using thermal imaging. The software is expected to be used in situations such as first response, where genies might be able to quickly and safely recreate accident sites or crime scenes at night — a use case they say would save millions of dollars and improve worker safety. It could also be used in situations like wildfire fighting, SWAT raids, detecting pipeline leaks that aren’t visible to the human eye, or even identify crops that might be getting too much sun.

The Autel EVO drone

“Right now, nighttime reconstruction looks like this: Either you have the budget and equipment to do it—which is a quarter-million-dollar laser scanner—or you shut down the entire scene until the morning,” said Bobby Ouyang, CEO of SkyeBrowse. “It’s extremely inefficient, extremely expensive, and also very dangerous.”

And prior to that, it was even more tedious as departments used measuring tapes to document scenes.

SkyeBrowse’s software is founded on videogrammetry, where 1 video — rather than hundreds pictures — is used to create a 3D model. Instead of taking hours to capture the data for a 3D model, SkyeBrowse simplifies it with one video in about 90 seconds. Traditional photogrammetry requires hundreds of photos to be taken over
the course of several minutes to an hour. Photogrammetry also struggles to be compatible with thermal mapping applications, because it’s typically too slow to compile accurate thermal data due to camera recalibrations that have to occur.

For now, SkyeBrowse’s software is exclusive to Autel products when it comes to drones. The thermal mapping software is compatible with the EVO II Dual or EVO II 640T drones. The EVO is Autel’s enterprise line of drones, designed for everything from inspecting electrical cell towers to surveying property lines. With about 40 minutes of flight time and interchangeable payloads including the 8K, 6K, and DUAL Thermal/8K, the drone is marketed at commercial, data-focused applications.

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