New FAA podcast delves into drones

Curious about getting into drones? There’s a lot you need to know about getting started — Part 107 licensing, knowing where you can legally fly drones and more. And if you’re flying drones in the U.S., then one of the best resources for learning more is the official source: the Federal Aviation Administration. Luckily, the latest episode of the FAA podcast is entirely devoted to drones, and it covers answers to a ton of the most common (and a couple uncommon!) questions.

The Air Up There is the only, official FAA podcast and it’s relatively new to the scene, having launched in just 2020. Most episodes actually don’t cover drones, but we still recommend it as one of the best drone podcasts for pilots looking to expand their knowledge of aviation (and maybe one day get a manned pilot’s license).

The latest episode of the FAA podcast is roughly 20 minutes long and provides a first-person perspective from the host, Dominique Gebru, who admits that she doesn’t know much about drones. But, since she’s a photography enthusiastic, she wants to get one.

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To learn how, she brings on FAA drone expert, Danielle Corbett, to learn everything she needs to become a certified drone pilot as well as the dos and don’ts of drone flying. The podcast also covers a few new rules recently implemented by the FAA: the Final Rule for Remote ID, the new Remote Pilot recurrent online training, and new rules about flying drones at night.

And Gebru gets important advice that — if you already read The Drone Girl — you already know: participate in the community (online drone communities or IRL groups) and keep on learning! In fact, Gebru said that the FAA podcast topic of drones was actually requested by the FAA’s audience on social media/

You can listen to the FAA podcast on FAA.govApple PodcastsStitcher, or Google Podcasts.

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