These 3 new online DIY drone courses will take drone-building to the next level

Want to learn how to build a drone from scratch? Interested in how to program a drone to make it truly autonomous? Want to go out and build an entire business based on fully autonomous drones that depends on precision landing, like drone delivery? It might be time to enroll in some online DIY drone courses.

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A Caleb Berquist works as a DevOps engineer at a software company by day, but serves as DIY-drone guru on the side. Berquist is the creator of Drone Dojo, an epically-informational site that features free how-to videos, extensive blog posts, and some paid, multi-hour online drone classes too.

If you’re looking to level up your skillset, his is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites on the internet. Whether you’re looking to expand your hobby as you’re otherwise bored in the wake of many places still closed due to coronavirus — or you’re looking to acquire skills to launch a drone business — Berquist’s Drone Dojo site has something for you.

He currently has online DIY drone courses on three topics: “How to build a Raspberry Pi drone,” “How to program a drone using Python,” and a deep-dive, capstone-type course on “Precision Landing and Drone Delivery.”

The courses range from roughly $100 to $400, depending on how in-depth you want to go. For the most intricate course, the $400, 8-hour long Precision Landing and Drone Delivery, you’ll likely need to already have the knowledge from the How to build a Raspberry Pi drone and How to program a drone using Python courses, as Berquist uses that information as a springboard into more advanced drone topics. 

If the prior to courses are appropriate for freshmen and sophomores, the third course is for seniors. But they payoff is worth it. At the beginning of the course, you’ll master precision landing on an aruco marker with a simple camera. From there, you’ll use your precision landing knowledge to develop a taco delivery mission (taco itself not included).

How to get similar Drone Dojo online DIY drone courses for free

You’ll likely want to pay for the drone courses to get full, in-depth content. But you don’t have to pay for it, in a sense. That’s because Berquist also runs a YouTube channel. As long as you’re willing to watch some ads, he’s got some of the most informative videos out there, including a delightful “Make Your Own Pixhawk Raspberry Pi Drone in 36 Minutes” video tutorial. Take your time, as he’s got hours of content to sift through that is non-stop, deep-dive information.

They’re a fantastic way to stir up technical curiosity — and just pass some time. Check out his YouTube channel, and then share your favorite videos and learnings in the comments below!

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