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The No. 1 reason why businesses want to use drones (hint: it’s NOT to save money)

Believe it or not, the top reason why businesses want to use drones is NOT actually to save money. Sure, cost-savings is a factor, but the top reason businesses want to use drones is to save time.

That’s according to the Drone Industry Barometer 2020 from German research firm Drone Industry Insights, which in May 2020 surveyed 697 companies using drones, spread throughout 75 countries. Companies representing industries including inspections, surveying, filmmaking, detection, delivery and more.

Drone Industry Insights reasons for adopting drones Drone Industry Barometer 2020
Drone Industry Insights

Saving time — and therefore increasing overall productivity — was cited as the most common reason for why companies chose to adopt drones. Improving results quality came in at a close second, with 59% of companies citing it as a factor for adopting drones. Survey respondents could select more than one answer.

Yet only 47% of companies said that they viewed adopting drones as a cost-saving measure. That’s even less than the number of respondents who adopted drones specifically to improve safety.

It’s an interesting figure, considering many in the drone industry have touted the use of drones as a cheaper replacement to formerly expensive tasks (hiring a low-flying plane or helicopter to collect aerial data, or sending a human to climb wind turbines to conduct inspections).

The figure could also mean that business people might recognize that drones can save money, but are also thinking about all the ways that drones cost more money. Now staff members need to get their Part 107 drone pilot licenses. They’ll need to pay for drone insurance policies. With the rapid changes to technology, they’ll likely need to upgrade equipment often.

That’s not to say that marketing drones as a cheaper alternative to traditional work isn’t a bad move, but this most recent survey indicates that maybe it shouldn’t be your primary selling point when convincing companies to adopt drones.

Most companies have their eyes on saving time, and are less focused on saving money. Of course, the two do go hand-in-hand.

Focus on how drones can save farmers hours of walking fields, especially when scouting while crop is tall. A 15-minute drone flight can collect data needed to map an entire field. A drone a document that needs to be signed by people in office buildings in Los Angeles that are two-miles apart as the drone flies can avoid an hour of sitting in traffic.

How do you pitch drones to businesses that might be interested in them? What do you perceive as the top selling point for businesses to use drones? Leave a comment below!

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  • Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining how drones could save time for farmers to check their fields instead of walking for hours. I’ve been wondering about how drones may be used for more than just videographers. I hadn’t considered that it could help farmers, but I’m curious if it could also be used for other forms of surveying land.

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