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Drone Girl talks brand building with Fem Founder: “Admit the things you don’t know”

I’m constantly reporting on how businesses are growing in the drone industry, but how did my own business grow? What did I learn about sales, or brand building along the way?

Well, for starters, I never intended on The Drone Girl being an actual business. It initially started after I got an original-model DJI Phantom in 2013 and I wanted a place to document my learnings while flying, as well as a spot to gather all the aerial images I’d created. I always intended the blog to be a diary for me, and something my mom could follow along with.  Then you came around seeking drone news, tips, reviews and other content. And I’m so thankful for you, as running this small business brings me so much joy!

That said, when my business really started growing, I needed to focus more on being an entrepreneur. That meant learning about (and paying for) web hosting fees, setting up tax documentation — all the stuff I didn’t do (and didn’t even know how, or that I needed to do!) upfront.

I discuss my back story and my growth as an entrepreneur building Drone Girl in a piece with Fem Founder (you can read the piece in its entirety here).

And along the way, I’ve learned so much. Among my best pieces of advice for brand building? Say yes to everything when you’re in the growth phase. While I can’t pinpoint a single most important thing that really helped me grow, I know that every opportunity you take leads to exponentially more.

I’ve also learned to embrace myself and to be authentic. Especially if you’re an online entrepreneur, it’s easy to not be real, and a lot of people pretend to be an expert.

Yet what entrepreneurs overlook is the fact that customers crave authenticity. Admit the things you don’t know (I certainly don’t know everything about drones, though I’m always excited to learn more!), and let people know you’re a human behind the brand. It makes people have a greater connection to your business. There’s also one other benefit to your brand building: if you mess up, it’s okay, because people see you as a human, and we accept that humans mess up.

If you want to learn more about my growth as an entrepreneur, read the entire article over at Fem Founder! We also talk about other random stuff about me, including the fact that I’m a 3x national recording-holding powerlifter, my thoughts on my competitors in the drone industry and more!

Happy reading, and happy flying!

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