Drone Pilot Ground School sale offers a month of discounts on Part 107 training

If you’ve been holding out on getting your Part 107 drone pilot license because you’ve been waiting for a deal, now’s the time. There’s a big Drone Pilot Ground School sale going on now — and it runs through the rest of the month.

Between now and Nov. 30, prices for the Drone Pilot Ground School online test prep course drop by more than $100, from $299 down to $192. Okay, that’s $107 off — cute right?! It’s also a hefty 36% discount.

Drone Pilot Ground School is easily my favorite Part 107 drone test prep course.

For the uninitiated, FAA Part 107 establishes that, in order to fly drones commercially, you must hold a Remote Pilot Certificate (also known as a drone pilot’s license). To get that license, you’ll have to take (and pass) the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test (hence, it’s common to hear people refer to the test as the ‘Part 107 test.’)

The test is actually quite tricky, with questions you wouldn’t know without some sort of aviation background. Do you know how to read a sectional chart? Do you know what stratiform clouds are? Odds are (without prior aviation background), you don’t. Common sense alone isn’t enough to pass this test.

Drone Pilot Ground School is the online test prep I used to study for (and pass on my first try!) the Part 107 test. As part of the course, you’ll get video lectures, 300 practice questions including actual FAA questions, a 12 page cram sheet, and 1:1 customer support. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have access to the UAV Coach community, which entails an active forum for asking great questions (like, ‘how much should I get paid for this piloting gig?’ or ‘which drone conferences are actually worthwhile to attend?’), plus an informative weekly newsletter that, yes, I read in entirety each week.

Not to mention, if recent, newly-imposed coronavirus-lockdown measures have you stuck back at home again, it’s not all bad news. After all, studying for your Part 107 test (even if you’re a a hobby pilot) is my No. 1 recommended way to spend your time at home during coronavirus.

Use this link and the Drone Pilot Ground School sale price will automatically apply (for purchases made before Nov. 30).

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