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The top drone delivery company of 2020 is not Google or Amazon

The top drone delivery company of 2020 is NOT Google or Amazon. At least, that’s by Drone Industry Insights’ metrics, which analyzed 750 companies that are considered drone service providers providers.

The Hamburg, Germany-based drone market intelligence tracking company broke out drone delivery companies specifically. According to the DII rankings, the top drone delivery company of 2020 turns out to be Zipline.

Wing, the drone-focused sister company of Google came in at No. 2, but Amazon Prime Air, the retail giant’s drone delivery arm didn’t get a spot on the podium. No. 3 went to Silicon Valley-based drone delivery group Matternet.

DroneII released its Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020 Report this month, ranking the top drone service providers in the world using parameters like company size, market shares and public activity.

The report also interestingly notes tha drone delivery companies aren’t necessarily all-American. 15 different nations are represented in the Top 20 Drone Delivery Ranking.

While Zipline isn’t a household name the way Google or Amazon is, it’s easy to see how Zipline took DII’s top spot.  With a valuation of over $1 billion, $190 million in new financing in 2019 and a total over 50,000 commercial deliveries, Zipline is the latest contender to become the leader in the global drone industry.

The company has been on a tear for years delivering important medical supplies in a few countries in Africa. Since coronavirus, Zipline operations in the U.S. have expanded to include deliveries of PPE and other COVID-19 medical supplies to hospitals.

Wing, which took the silver spot, has also ramped up it coronavirus-related drone deliveries in the U.S. Wing, which focuses its U.S. deliveries primarily in Christiansburg, Virginia, said it saw a 5x surge in demand from customers wanting to get items delivered by drone since coronavirus lockdowns began.

The Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020 Report also broke out the top three Remote Sensing Drone Service Providers. They are:

  • Terra Drone (based in Japan)
  • Aerodyne (based in Kuala Lumpur)
  • Cyberhawk (based in the United Kingdom)

Will Zipline maintain its lead as a top drone delivery provider as the FAA clarifies rules around drone delivery? Or will other big players like Amazon and Wing rise up in the ranks? Leave your thoughts below!

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