Can I fit Mavic Air 2 propellers on the Mavic Air?

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Do you know if the propellers from the new Mavic Air 2 will fit on the Mavic Air Gen 1? I’d love to try them as they are foldable, while the Mavic Air 1 are not. Thanks!

Ah yes, those new Mavic Air 2 propellers. The short answer to your question is a simple “No, Mavic Air 2 propellers will not fit on the original Mavic Air.”

But since you asked, allow me to elaborate.

By most metrics, the Mavic Air 2 propellers are much better than the ones made for the original generation of Mavic Air. Not only do they fold, allowing your drone to become more compact, they’re also are lower-noise, which is a pro for most people.

But the Mavic Air 2 props are also larger than the Mavic Air propellers, meaning buying the upgraded propellers won’t work on the old model of drone.

mavic air vs mavic air 2 comparison
Notice the big differences on the Mavic Air (left) vs. Mavic Air 2 (right) propellers. Notably, the ones on the left don’t fold.

There are a couple big differences in the propellers. For starters, there’s thread pitch, which measures the amount of threads per an area (the fasteners that connect the drone itself to the propellers are secured by threading). Here’s the Diameter × Thread Pitch on the Mavic Air vs. Mavic Air 2 propellers:

  • Mavic Air: 13.40 × 8.13 cm
  • Mavic Air 2: 18.3 × 9.7 cm

Mavic Air 2 propellers are also much heavier than their predecessor. Compare the two different weights; the Mavic Air 2 props weigh twice a much:

  • Mavic Air propeller weight: 2.4 grams each
  • Mavic Air 2 propellers weight: 4.8 grams each

One of the most annoying things about the original Mavic Air was the propellers, which didn’t fold, making it annoying to transport your drone with little props sticking out and snagging on things.

But the Mavic Air 2 is not without its own propeller pitfalls. With the Mavic Air 2, the propellers don’t come automatically installed on your drone (you’ll have to do it yourself). What’s more, the propellers aren’t labeled, so it’s easy to mix up which one goes on which motor.

For what it’s worth, the drone won’t take off if the propellers are attached incorrectly.

Aside from the slightly confusing process of installing propellers on the Mavic Air 2, it’s a huge improvement from the propellers on the original Mavic Air given the ability to fold up, as well as its significantly reduced noise.

Not to mention, the Mavic Air 2 is overall a much better drone than its predecessor, with new features like a redesigned controller, AirSense technology, and even higher-quality video.

Sounds like you might just need to upgrade to that Mavic Air 2. You have a great excuse to do it.

Happy flying!

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