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Join my masterclass on ‘How to pitch your drone business to the press’

Want to learn how to pitch your drone business to the press? Like, getting coverage here — or a news site that’s even bigger?

I know a thing or two about how to successfully pitch your drone business. After all, I get dozens of pitches each week. And I’m sharing my years of insights and personal experience in a masterclass held as part of the NYC Drone Film Festival, and it’s all happening this weekend — and online.

The NCYDFF, which was acquired by AirVuz at the beginning of 2020, is set for its 6th year. While it’s primarily known for its aerial video competition, there’s also a masterclass portion. Among the 30 hours of pro content, you’ll find presentations from experts and professionals in the drone industry such as DJ Hesta Prynn, who will share how to choose music that makes (and doesn’t break) your drone video. Luisa Winters will give a talk for film nerds on Editing Theory, and Alex Vanover has the scoop on advanced drone racing tactics.

Pitching your drone brand NYCDFF discount tickets AirVuz

And yes, I’ll be giving a masterclass too. For my webinar, I’ll be discussing “How to pitch your drone business to the press.” Trust me, I get a TON of pitches, and 95% of them end up in my trash bin, so I know what goes into a good pitch if you’re seeking media coverage. Not to mention, I’ve spent years working at news outlets including The New York Times, The Orange County Register, MarketWatch and NerdWallet (covering both drones, as well as other topics like money and travel), so I’ve received thousands of pitches in my lifetime.

Exclusive to Drone Girl readers, I’m offering discount NYCDFF tickets for the online event. Use this link to save 15% off the usual NYCDFF ticket price.

As part of my masterclass, we’ll discuss the best way to pitch to press, whether it’s your drone startup, your personal brand, or a big drone company you represent.

I’ve got a hefty list of buzzwords to avoid, an exercise for crafting the ultimate elevator pitch, tips for composing your subject line (and yes, your subject line can often matter more than the press release or body of the email!), and suggestions to make sure the press actually covers your story.

Tickets are typically $120 for an all-access pass to the virtual event, but AirVuz is offering discount NYCDFF tickets to Drone Girl readers for $100. Use this link and the DroneGirl coupon code will automatically apply.

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