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New Osmo Pocket? DJI to launch a handheld camera tomorrow

DJI is launching a new product tomorrow, and all signs indicate it will be a handheld camera — possibly a new version of the Osmo Action or a new Osmo Pocket 2.

DJI will host an event on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 9 a.m. ET called Capture Magic At Hand. The company that rose to fame for its ready-to-fly drones hasn’t disclosed a ton about the upcoming product launch, aside from a brief promotional video:

There’s no aerial footage, so it’s safe to say the product won’t be a drone. Given the cutesy, “Capture Magic At Hand” event title, it’s likely also a handheld camera.

DJI currently has a couple of handheld camera product lines: the Ronin and the Osmo.

The Ronin is a high-end product line designed for professional cinematographers, consisting of bulky, expensive gimbals, which is the mechanism that provides that silky smooth effect on video footage. The Osmo is DJI’s consumer-oriented line, and it consists of both gimbal cameras as well as action cameras. This product launch will likely be consumer-focused, given the teaser video.

It’s hard to say though whether the new camera will be a gimbal camera (like a potential DJI Osmo Pocket 2), or whether it will be a second version of the Osmo Action, which is essentially a direct competitor to the GoPro action cameras.

The original DJI Osmo Action

Why DJI’s new product launch could be the Osmo Action 2

Here’s one big reason to guess tomorrow’s launch could be the Osmo Action 2: recent price reductions.

During last week’s Amazon Prime Day 2020, we were shocked to see the DJI Osmo Action at an ultra-low price. It first launched at $379, but earlier this year dropped down to $259. But on Prime Day, it was going for an uber-cheap $199.

The original DJI Osmo Action is the drone maker’s response to GoPro: a small, waterproof camera that features 4K/60fps 100Mbps video, dual screens, and EIS.

DJI Osmo Pocket 2
The original DJI Osmo Pocket

Why DJI’s new product launch could be the DJI Osmo Pocket 2

But fans have also been calling for an Osmo Pocket 2 to follow the delightful Osmo Pocket, which is a teeny, tiny, gimbal camera that shoots 4K footage. But while people largely love the Osmo Pocket, it wasn’t perfect. It lacked built-in wifi which made transferring small files quickly more troublesome than it wasn’t often worth. The microphone struggled in tricky audio scenarios, like in high wind. There was no live streaming option. Some ambitious customers have even been calling for a Hasselblad camera affixed to an Osmo Pocket (dream big!).

Would you like to see a new Osmo Pocket? A refreshed Osmo Action? Leave a comment of what you hope will be launched tomorrow in the comments below!

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