Participants needed for major drone industry survey

2020 has been a wild year for pretty much every industry around the world — and drones are no exception.

Update: This survey has been conducted and is now complete. You can view the survey results here.

With so many changes to workflows, business plans, revenues, procedures and more, it’s certainly an interesting time to see what the drone industry looks like now, how it’s fared through 2020’s wild changes (whether it’s wildfires, US-China trade tensions or coronavirus), and what’s ahead.

drone industry survey 2020 Drone Analyst

Drone Analyst, one of the biggest data providers in the drone industry, is compiling a survey about the drone industry, and it needs your help — by actually filling it out.

What you get in return? Beyond the chance to contribute to valuable data, you’ll be emailed a free summary report of the research results once the survey is all done (which Drone Analyst says is a $95 value) and a raffle entry for one of two DJI Mavic Mini drones.

Take the brief 15-minute survey here.

This is the fourth year that Drone Analyst will publish what’s called the Drone Market Sector Survey, and it’s a valuable tool in providing clear benchmarks and concrete data for the drone industry. In fact, it’s shaped a good chunk of Drone Girl coverage, including stories about DJI’s market share, the true cost of drones and more.

And this year’s insights are set to be more interesting than ever. Among the questions it’ll tackle are:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted drone purchases, service providers and business users
  • The impact concerns around Chinese-made drones has had on drone purchases and service providers
  • The types of sensors and software that various industries rely on, and leaders in each category

The survey will be open for four weeks, and results will be available in November. Anyone can take the survey (and be entered to win a Mavic Mini) at this link.

drone industry survey Drone Analyst 2020

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