Interdrone 2020 cancelled

Interdrone 2020 cancelled (but it’s not gone completely)

Interdrone 2020, one of the largest drone conferences in the world, has been cancelled — but it’s not totally gone for good. Interdrone 2020 is shifting to a virtual event called InterDrone Online.

It will be held online the same dates as what would have been the postponed version of Interdrone 2020, on December 15-17. The 2019 Interdrone show saw about 2,500 attendees and 135 companies.

Interdrone was originally set for August 18-20, 2020, but organizers opted to postpone it until Dec. 15-17, before making the decision this week to go entirely virual. Interdrone organizers said the decision to move the event online was made because of numerous reasons related to coronavirus, including:

  • government data
  • guidelines on the phased reopening plans in the U.S.
  • current restrictions on congregating and large gatherings imposed by states and other government and public health authorities
  • numerous company-imposed travel restrictions on employees affecting attendees and participating companies. 

This would have been the first year that the conference, which has traditionally been always held in Las Vegas, Nevada, would be held at an entirely new location. Interdrone 2020 would have been hosted at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas — perhaps capitalizing on the growing use of drones in the energy industries, particularly oil and gas. In fact, DJI just announced a major partnership with Shell Oil to conduct tests at Shell’s Deer Park Manufacturing Complex near Houston, Texas. Plus, a number of companies have moved to Dallas to open additional corporate offices, including Uber, which is exploring the use of delivery drones and real estate tech company Redfin, which offers drone photography as part of its Redfin Premier package, which is a premium listing service for luxury homes.

Now, nearly every major drone event in the U.S. set for 2020 has either been cancelled or moved to a virtual version. See our guide to 2020 drone conferences (it’s constantly being updated to account for news about cancellations or changes).

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