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Pix4D partnership with Autel gives free Pix4Dreact software to Autel Evo II pilots

Purchase the Rugged Bundle for your Autel Evo II, and you’ll now get Pix4Dreact, a fast-mapping software made by Pix4D, included at no additional cost. The software deal is all due to a new partnership between Pix4D and Autel Robotics.

As part of Autel’s participation in the Pix4D partnership, Pix4Dreact is now compatible with all Autel Evo II camera models for real color mapping.

The Pix4D partnership is designed to target Autel pilots who work in the public safety sector. The company’s Pix4D Pix4Dreact software, which can quickly produce 2-dimensional orthomosaic maps, was designed specifically with first responders in mind. A first responder arriving at a scene only needs the drone loaded with Pix4Dreact and a laptop, and they can theoretically generate and share a high-resolution scale map in minutes, with or without network connectivity.

Pix4D said their partnership with Autel combines one of the fastest “out of the box, into the air” drones on the market with Pix4D’s fast-mapping software for emergency.

This is not the first time Pix4D has partnered with a major drone maker to put their software in its drones. In 2018, a then-new Pix4D partnership with Yuneec made the Pix4Dcapture software freely available on Yuneec’s H520 ST16S ground station controller, giving Yuneec H520 pilots the ability to create georeferenced maps and models from their drone data. That software is primarily used in verticals such as law enforcement, inspection and construction.

Pix4D partnership Pix4Dreact

What is Pix4Dreact?

Pix4Dreact is a lightweight mapping software built by Swiss-based drone company Pix4D (they also have offices around the world, including a U.S. headquarters office in Denver).

Because it doesn’t rely on an internet connection or the cloud for processing, it can be used live, in the field, with nothing but a typical, mid-range computer.

Where the software lacks in robust features it makes up in speed — and that’s not a bad thing. In emergency or first-response situations, most drone pilots agree it’s better to have lightweight agile software that can quickly make maps, rather than have all the bells and whistles you might expect in other drone mapping software that photogrammetry professionals would use. In fact, Pix4D says that Pix4Dreact is designed to be intuitive and simple to use, even for people with little or no drone flight or photogrammetry experience.

The lineup of Evo II drones. Purchase the Evo II Pro (left) or Evo II dual (right) in their rugged bundle, and you’ll have free access to Pix4Dreact software.

What is the Autel Evo II Pro?

The Autel Evo II Pro has largely marketed itself as a tool for first responders. Among its selling points: the 7100mAh battery lets it fly for up to 40 minutes at a time, you can transmit HD footage back to the controller from up to 5.6 miles away, and you’ll get 12-sensor omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.

The drone performs well in low light, as the camera offers a variable aperture of f/2.8 to f/11, on a 6K 1″ sensor — with ISO ranges up to 6400 for video and up to 12,800 for photos.

The Autel Evo II Dual version is like the Pro, but with a heftier price tag. Here’s why: the drone also packs in a FLIR Boson 640 thermal sensor. That Boson sensor collects thermal data simultaneously with the drone’s visual camera, meaning you can have thermal images and 8K/48MP images of the same subject.

As for the rugged bundle, you’ll get a hard case with foam interior, two batteries, a charger, extra propellers, a protective gimbal cover — and now Pix4Dreact software.

The Autel Evo II Rugged bundles start at $2,095 for the EVO II Pro or $9,998 for the EVO II Dual.

Pix4D otherwise costs $990 for a one-time license or $32.50 monthly if you prefer a subscription.

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