Skydio 2 dual battery charger drone

My biggest complaint with the Skydio 2 drone (and the $149 fix)

It’s no secret: I love the Skydio 2 drone. But I do have one big issue with it: charging the Skydio 2 batteries. The Skydio 2 does not come with a separate battery charger, which means if you purchase the drone base kit (with no add-ons), you’ll have to charge your battery directly through the drone.

The base kit of the Skydio 2 comes with one battery, which has an advertised life of 23 minutes on a single charge.

Spare batteries can be purchased separately for $99, and I highly recommend you spring for one of the Skydio accessory bundles to optimize the value of your battery purchase.

The Skydio 2 dual battery charger allows you to charge two batteries at once, without needing to charge through the drone itself.

But here’s the thing: whether you have one battery or 100 batteries, the batteries need to be charged via a USB-C port on the drone. Plug the drone in the wall with the batteries attached, and they charge. The big issue with this model: you can’t charge the batteries while the drone is in flight.

Let’s say you’re at a motocross track filming your dirt bike moves with the drone all day. You’d want the drone in the air the whole time to capture every jump and flip. But that’s not going to work if you have to keep putting the drone out of filming service just to charge the batteries. Ideally, you’d be charging spare batteries inside the office or clubhouse, while the drone is flying all day.

Luckily, Skydio offers a solution: a dual battery charger. This separate battery charge can charge two batteries at once (and allows your drone to keep flying with another battery on it). It costs an additional $149.

Two batteries charge simultaneously through an outlet. Now, you don’t need the drone itself as a charging middleman.

The charger, when used with Skydio 2’s 65W USB-C wall adapter can fully charge a single battery in about 1 hour. It can fully charge two batteries in abut two hours. If that’s not fast enough for you, use a USB-C wall adapters greater than 65W, and both batteries will charge in parallel. That means a 90W adapter could charge two batteries completely in 90 minutes.

What’s more: the dual charger is included in all of Skydio’s three accessory bundles.

I love the Skydio 2 drone especially for cinematographers or action sports enthusiasts who don’t actually want to be drone pilots. It’s the most crash-proof of any drone I’ve “flown.” And I use quotes, because you don’t actually need to “fly” it. The drone seriously follows you! But in order to take advantage of those nifty features, you don’t want the drone to spend 75% of your day charging. You want it flying!

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  • Ron says:

    If skydio would have not only used the parrot remote but also their battery charging style it would be so super sweet… love having a USB C port on each anafi battery,super simple to charge anafi batteries any where wo another charger to carry around. Plus I cant even get the dual skydio chrger it’s on BO….

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