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These 13 incredible drone cakes are the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, jobs and more

How’s this for a sweet way to celebrate birthdays, new jobs, anniversaries, and more for the drone lover in your life?! These drone cakes are impossibly creative (much like most drone pilots) and run the gamut from eerily realistic to hilariously over the top.

Today is actually my own birthday, so in the spirit of celebration (yes, I am totally planning my own birthday cake and happy with that life decision!), I’ve been browsing the Internet for inspiration. And boy, did the Internet deliver! Some of these cakes give The Great British Bake Off show a run for its money.

Side note, if you’re looking for gift inspiration to buy for a loved one, here’s a guide to the best gifts for people who love drones.

So, by now your stomach should be rumbling. Without further adieu, here are the 13 best drone cakes I found…

So perfect! This drone birthday cake is a 5-inch chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream. That DJI Mavic-inspired drone topper was made with polymer clay:

This one is impressive not just for the perfectly molded DJI Phantom, but for the extra landscaping to help set the scene:

Bonus points for the adorable character flying this drone:

This one is all about the frosting. The 2D design, while different, works!

Drones AND doggies?!?! Need I say more?!

Couples who drone together stay together. This one was a combination birthday and anniversary drone cake, and it’s perfect:

If you’re less of a cake person and more of a cupcake person, there’s still something for you. These cake toppers are cut out like drones. If your cake decorating skills aren’t quite on par with Cake Boss skills, here’s an easy way to have festive drone cakes without much cake decorating talent. These cake toppers are actually sold on Etsy.

A little boy got this cute and cartoony DJI Phantom-inspired drone cake:

This one also gives off delightfully sunny drone vibes:

It might be a stretch to refer to this one as a cake. And, it’s hard to say if it even looks appetizing. But, it DOES earn mega points for creativity. Plus, it’s likely the healthiest of any of the drone cakes on this list.

The frosting on this cake looks so good:

Back on the drone cupcake train, these cupcakes look so classy. DJI could open a cupcake shop next door to their DJI flagship retail store. I would 100% endorse.

And last but not least, what goes better with drones than Legos? This cake uses a Lego drone (and Lego people) for the decorations. Then you don’t have to actually eat the drone:

Which of these drone cakes is your favorite? Leave your top pick as a comment below! Happy flying, and stay hungry!

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