GEAiRXOS Enterprise Energy Solution energy inspection drones

GE Aviation’s AiRXOS pushes UTM for energy inspection drones

AiRXOS, the drone arm of General Electric subsidiary GE Aviation, is pushing UTM forward for energy inspection drones.

AiRXOS is known primarily for being a UTM provider, designing a means of air traffic control for drones. And this week, the Boston-based company announced a UTM product specific to energy companies.

It’s called AiRXOS Enterprise Energy Solution, and it was designed to help energy companies plan, schedule, operate and monitor all facets of their drone operations from a single platform.

And by all facets, they do cover everything: digital compliance; full situational awareness of airspace and assets; inspection, emergency response and disaster recovery capabilities; analytics; and asset performance.

GEAiRXOS Enterprise Energy Solution energy inspection drones

The AiRXOS Enterprise Energy Solution is really an extension of the company’s existing Air Mobility Platform. Through it, companies will be able to easily apply for waivers to fly in otherwise restricted airspace, and receive Exemption and Certificate of Authorization (COAs) paperwork more quickly.

The move is part of a growing trend of drone companies increasingly leaning into the industry of energy inspection drones. Just last month, aerial data analytics company DroneBase announced it raised $7.5 million in Series C funding, intending to use the money to expand its services to the renewable energy market. Most of the money will support a new DroneBase product called DroneBase Insights for Wind and Solar.

The energy sector is already the largest industry within the commercial drone market, and it continues to grow, according to data from German-based drone research firm Drone Industry Insights.

“Infrastructure inspections with traditional manned aircraft are dangerous, inefficient, and expensive,“ said Mark Lanphear, AiRXOS’ Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. “Now more than ever energy organizations are looking for solutions to help them deliver safe, scalable, and repeatable operations for greater economic viability.”

AiRXOS has increasingly become a major player in the U.S drone industry. The company has been working with ANRA, which is an official NASA collaborator for their UTM solution, and is one of a handful of  FAA-approved LAANC UAS service suppliers. AiRXOS also participated in a successful demonstration with big players like CNN, Uber and Wing, the drone arm associated with X (the company formerly known as Google) to show how Remote ID for drones can work using ASTM’s Standards.

AiRXOS has its hands in a few aspects of the drone industry beyond just inspections, including package and medical delivery, inspections, and public safety.

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