Catch The Drone Girl on this week’s Interdrone conference podcast

There’s an Interdrone conference podcast, and you can catch me, The Drone Girl, on the latest episode.

The folks who put on the Interdrone conference, Mike Pehel and CJ Smith, host a weekly podcast. The roughly-hour long show covers the week’s latest news for the first half of the show, and dives deep into a hot new product, broader discussion topic, or profile of an interesting person in the second half.

And episode 44 of the Interdrone conference podcast features me, The Drone Girl, chatting alongside another guest, Paul Wheeler. Wheeler is the Unmanned Aerial Systems Program Manager for the Utah Department of Transportation.

In this episode, we discuss the latest DAC (Drone Advisory Committee) meeting, a fascinating DroneUp study which found that most drone delivery pilots prefer manual flight to letting the drone fly on autopilot, and a new funding round for DroneBase to build out their investments into drones for renewable energy inspection.

The second half features Mike, CJ and me interviewing Wheeler about how he has grown his drone fleet at UDOT to over three dozen aircraft. That also means more than three dozen pilots. Listen in to learn how to get a job as a drone pilot!

Listen to Episode 44 of the Interdrone conference podcast here:

You can also listen to the Interdrone podcast on iTunesSoundCloud, or wherever else pods are casted.

This is the second time I’ve spoken on the Interdrone podcast. The entire library of Interdrone podcasts live on Launchpad, which is a massive collection of podcasts and videos recording during past Interdrone conferences.

Listen to the first episode of me on the Interdrone podcast (recorded back in April 2020) here.

Interdrone 2020 is one of the biggest drone conferences in the world. Originally set for August 2020, it has since been postponed until December 15 – 17, 2020 at the same location in the Hyatt Regency in Dallas. They’re of course, not the only drone conference to cancel this year in light of coronavirus. See my entire list of drone conferences cancelled or postponed in 2020 due to coronavirus here.

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