Rotor Talk Live Season 3 Episode 22

Rotor Talk Live chats Mavic Air 2, Autel, Remote ID and more with Drone Girl

Rotor Talk Live got a dose of Drone Girl on Monday night. Season 3 Episode 22 of the live drone news show — hosted by Bill Horosz, who goes by Bill The Drone Reviewer — featured Sally French.

Together, they discussed the Mavic Air 2 (the Drone Girl is getting her hands on one to review soon, we promise!) and what it means for aerial photography. The high-resolution 48-megapixel feature raised eyebrows, but drone nerds are likely more interested in things camera geeks are largely ignoring: DJI AirSense technology, which is essentially a built-in ADS-B feature that can detect other nearby airplanes and helicopters.

They also discussed the use of drones during coronavirus, including an interesting recent use case where the Singapore government is deploying drones to crack down on potential circuit breaker rule-breakers.

They touched on the weekend’s protests that resulted in AirMap’s offices in Santa Monica burning down, and one topic that really has the drone industry up in arms: the FAA is charging $375 for its virtual drone conference.

And in some delightfully lighthearted news for Rotor Talk Live, they discuss a drone racing summer camp. Campers can participate in the sleep-away camp, but for people concerned of travel and the spread of coronavirus, there’s a virtual version of the camp, too.

Horosz’s Rotor Talk Live YouTube show covers not just flying camera drones, but also RC cars, ham radios and chatting about his adorable granddaughter! He’s based in Tampa, Florida. Subscribe to Horosz’s YouTube channel here. The Drone Girl’s appearances on Rotor Talk Live are an annual event. Watch her on Season 2 in June 2019, and in Season 1 from May 2018.

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