DJI Summer Sale 2020 Osmo Action Pocket

DJI Summer Sale 2020 is all about Osmo discounts

The DJI Summer Sale 2020 is on, and this year it’s all about DJI Osmo discounts. In fact, we’ve never seen the DJI Osmo Action this cheap — ever.

The Osmo isn’t actually a drone, but it still gets that silky, smooth drone-like footage — this time from the ground. It’s essentially the same camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal that you’d find on your drone, but this one you’ll hold in your hand.

The DJI Osmo is an excellent complement to your drone footage if you’ve already got a drone. Or, if you’re stepping up your videography game but are weary of all the complications that drones entail like crashing, adhering to FAA regulations, learning how to fly, etc., then an Osmo is the perfect tool.

The DJI Start Your Summer Sale 2020 sale offers gear up to 46% off, and runs between now and June 23 in its U.S. store.

Here’s what you’ll find in the DJI Start Your Summer Sale 2020:

Usual PriceSale PriceDollars savedPercent saved
Osmo Pocket$369$299$7019%
Osmo Action & Charging Kit$369$259$11030%
Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit$109$59$5046%

The best deal in terms of greatest discount goes to the Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit, which entails a Controller Wheel, Wireless Module, Accessory Mount, and a 32GB Samsung microSD. The kit basically expands the capabilities of the Osmo Pocket. Most notably, that controller wheel attaches right below the LCD of the gimbal to allow you to conduct more precise pan and tilt control with your thumb. That said, the controller wheel still feels a little clunkier vs. just using a smartphone. Here’s where it gets interesting: that wireless module. With that module, now you can remotely control the gimbal from your phone.

But really, the best deal goes to the Osmo Action, which is an action camera designed to compete with GoPro. Like most GoPros, it’s a waterproof camera that features 4K/60fps 100Mbps video, dual screens, and EIS.

We haven’t seen the Osmo Action priced this low — ever. The Action normally goes for $369, but it’s been on sale a few different times (Black Friday, DJI’s Easter Sale and DJI’s Valentine’s sale) for $279. But now it’s at $259, which is $20 cheaper than past sale prices, and $110 cheaper than the sticker price.

DJI Summer Sale 2020 Osmo Action Pocket

How to save even more money at the DJI Summer Sale 2020

And the money-savings don’t stop there if you’re trying to get in on the DJI Summer Sale 2020.

Join the DJI Credit Program: DJI offers a program that’s free for anyone to join called DJI Credit. Simply give them your email account information, and your account will be credited for 1% of the purchase price on everything you buy on DJI’s site. That money can then be applied toward a future purchase.

Trade in old gear: If you currently own out-of-date DJI gear that you’re not using any more, get rid of it (and get paid!). The DJI Trade Up program, offered through DJI, allows you to ship them your used electronics (they’ll take drones, as well as other non-DJI gear including Apple iPhones and Google Pixels) in exchange for a DJI store credit — essentially allowing you to get a discount on your next purchase (like maybe that discounted Osmo Action?!?!).

Get free shipping: Stack that with free shipping on all DJI purchases over $159.

All those discounts are why I always choose to shop with DJI instead of big electronics retail giants like Amazon.

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