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AirVuz After Hours catches up with Drone Girl in latest podcast

You heard me on the Interdrone podcast yesterday — and for once in your life you’ll say, “good thing the Costco lines are long.” That’s because you get to hear from me in the podcast universe not once, but TWICE this week!

AirVuz After Hours podcast Sally French Tyler Mason The Drone Girl
Sally French, Jacob Blaeser and Tyler Mason on this week’s episode of AirVuz After Hours

I had the thrill of joining Jacob Blaeser and Tyler Mason from AirVuz After Hours to discuss the progression of drone technology over the last few years on their podcast. We discuss some fascinating and goofy tech like the PowerEgg, and how it leads to drones like the new Mavic Air 2. I also talk about other fun racing drones. Plus, we discuss some other timely news stories like drone delivery and — the story that’s impossible to ignore — coronavirus.

Listen to it below:

Or, if you prefer our faces, you can watch the video version on the AirVuz website here. And you should totally watch the video version if you can — AirVuz After Hours is one of the best produced podcasts out there!

In this week’s episode, I share my secrets on how I test drones, my thoughts on reading the user manual, FPV vs. line of sight and more.

AirVuz is a drone video sharing website and online community. AirVuz made big news earlier this year when it announced it had acquired the New York City Drone Film Festival. Pending coronavirus-related restrictions, AirVuz is set to run this year’s 6th Annual New York City Drone Film Festival between July 25-26 at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Listen to or watch the AirVuz After Hours podcast here.

If you still find yourself bored from staying at home for yet another weekend, AirVuz has tons of other great content with hours of drone footage. Or, check out some other free drone content online, including courses in aerial mapping and real estate, FAA drone webinars and more.

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