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Drone Girl discusses this week’s top drone news on Interdrone podcast

There was a ton of drone news this week. Photographers are jazzed about the DJI Mavic Air 2 release. On the regulatory side, news that an oil and gas company was granted a BVLOS waiver within 24 hours suggests a nimbleness that was previously unheard of. There’s all sorts of drone delivery news. And perhaps the most controversial piece: a police department cut short its plans for temperature checking drones over privacy concerns.

And I, The Drone Girl, joined the Interdrone podcast this week to discuss it all.

If you find yourself standing in line at Costco waiting to stock up on toilet paper, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to listen in. Listen to this week’s Interdrone podcast here.

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The Interdrone podcast is a part of Launchpad, which is a massive media library of podcasts and videos recording during past Interdrone conferences, including the 2019 keynote from Hover UAV Founder Jackie Dujmovic, and a 2018 talk from Judith Sherman, the Chief of HIV and AIDS at UNICEF Malawi, about how she built out the first ever drone corridor in Malawi to transport lab samples for early infant diagnosis of HIV.

Browse the entire Interdrone Launchpad library here.

This week’s episode of the Interdrone podcast also includes an additional segment with Douglas Spotted Eagle, the Director of Educational Programming and the primary UAS instructor at Sundance Media Group about a number of topics from how to be started his training for public safety officials, what industries he sees are poised to have the most growth with regards to their UAS operations and uses, and where he sees knowledge gaps in the field.

On that note, Interdrone 2020 is still on for this year, scheduled for August 18-20 in Dallas, Texas.

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