Teachers, parents alert: DJI STEM sale discounts Tello, Robomaster S1

The Drone Girl team has long considered drones to be an incredible tool for getting kids into science, math, engineering and technology. Drones are teaching kids coding, physics, hardware engineering and more.

And especially now that kids are spending time at home (and not in school), a drone can be an incredible way to keep kids learning and entertained simultaneously.

Drone maker DJI makes some of the most popular drones found in schools and they just put their STEM-focused products on sale. From now until May 1, you can save money on the DJI Tello and Robomaster S1. Here’s what you need to know about the DJI STEM sale:

Usual PriceSale PriceDollars saved
Robomaster S1$549$499$50
Tello Boost Combo$164$129$35

The DJI STEM sale runs between now and May 1, 2020.

What can I buy during the DJI STEM sale?

The STEM sale focuses on exactly that — products focused on teaching students.

Tello: The Tello (and the Tello Boost Combo) is my top pick for the best drone for kids for 2020. It’s also one of my favorite educational tools.

This budget-priced camera drone is made by Ryze, but it combines DJI flight technology and an Intel processor. It’s great for budding aerial photographers (it shoots 5 megapixel photos), but it can also be can be used to teach newbies the basics of programming.

Tello is compatible with a coding platform called Scratch, which is targeted at children. Essentially, you can program the drone to fly certain directions based on the “code” you have written.

You can also buy an Iron Man version of the Tello drone, though sadly that one isn’t on sale.

Read my full review of the Tello drone here.

Robomaster S1: The RoboMaster S1 doesn’t fly. Instead, it is a $499 roving, ground-based robot designed as an introduction to robotics. It’s an all-in-one STEM tool that you build from start to finish. You’ll have to assemble it through custom hardware, program it via Python or Scratch programming languages, and ultimately maneuver it (or even compete against others!).

And then there’s the RoboMaster EP Core, designed to level up learning as an advanced educational robot that enables teachers to use it for AI and programming projects. And just because it’s advanced doesn’t mean it isn’t for you: it works for students of all ages and experience levels.

Other ways to get DJI STEM sale discounts

The DJI STEM sale also extends to some other distributors, including B&H. And in this case, it might be better to shop through those distributors. Why? If you’re only buying a Tello and nothing more, you’re otherwise going to get hit with shipping costs.

DJI’s store offers free shipping on orders of $159 or more. But B&H is also offering the Tello Boost Combo for $129, but they give you free expedited shipping (you get free shipping on most orders over $49 through B&H).

Amazon also is in on the DJI STEM sale too. Here’s their Robomaster, also on sale for just $499. If you’re a Prime member and charge it to your Amazon Prime Visa Signature card, you’ll earn 5% back (in the case of the Robomaster, that’s an additional $25 in cash back on top of the already discounted price). On top of that, if anything paid for with your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card breaks— DJI product or otherwise —you may be eligible for extended warranty protection of up to one year after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

Beyond the STEM sale, DJI also offers some extra discounts that you may qualify for

If you have a ‘.edu’ email address, order through DJI’s Educational Discount:

The DJI Educational Discount is a program that allows anyone with a “.edu” email address to get a coupon code (typically a 10% discount) on a select group of items from its online site.  You do need to be “invited” to the program. You get an invite simply by filling out DJI’s online form.

If you are a non-profit, apply for Better-With-Drones

If you work with a non-profit, take advantage of DJI’s Better With Drones Discount program.  Again, you’ll have to get approved for the program, which requires you to fill out the form on DJI’s website here. If your application is approved, DJI will send you a discount code, typically also 10% off.

What you need to know about drones and building a STEM program

Drones have been proven to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math fields. Environmental science students can use drones to collect aerial views of the land. Astronomy students use drones to visualize solar system models. They’re unique additions to photo and art classes, and with some creativity they can be valuable in other classes like business; check out what the Girl Scouts did with their cookie delivery drone!

Here’s a guide to the best drones for classrooms (and yes, the Tello — part of this sale — is in it).

As far as the actual content that you’d teach goes, here’s my guide to the best drone curriculum for teachers and classrooms.

If you’re a parent and looking for something with a little less commitment than full curriculum (most of the lesson plans above are designed for a semester of classroom programming), here are the best drone lesson plans. These at-home drone lesson plans are ideal for parents looking to keep their kids engaged over a weekend, or at the current moment where shelter in place rules keep kids out of schools.

For younger students, you may also be interested in these kid-focused drone books.

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