DJI Enterprise Shield Renew

DJI Enterprise Shield: is it worth renewing for the price?

DJI’s Enterprise Shield program is a customizable drone protection service plan that provides enhanced insurance for many of DJI’s enterprise-grade (and yes, that means more expensive) drones.

DJI Enterprise Shield goes beyond the traditional warranty by providing broad accident coverage, repair and replacement services, free shipping and delivery, and more — with no deductible.

Once you activate DJI Enterprise Shield, you’ll have coverage for one year. After that, you can purchase another year of coverage through a program DJI calls Enterprise Shield Renew.

If your drone can’t be repaired and was covered by Shield, you typically won’t get a brand-new drone. But DJI will send a replacement device with “the equivalent performance and reliability of a brand-new product”.

What does DJI Enterprise Shield cover?

Shield covers a broad range of situations including:

  • pilot error
  • crash & collision damage
  • signal interference
  • water damage (this is especially rare, and probably useful to many people!)
What does DJI Enterprise Shield cover?

Compare that with DJI’s standard factory coverage warranty, which is just 6 months and covers fewer circumstances.

Standard factory coverageEnterprise ShieldEnterprise Shield Renew
How long it lasts6 months1 yearAn additional year (2 years total)
Covers faulty DJI equipment?YesYesYes
Covers user error (ie. flying with a low battery, flying with a weight greater than safe takeoff weight, etc.NoYesYes
Covers drops or collisions?NoYesYes
Covers water damage?NoYesYes

There are actually two types of Shield coverage: Basic and Plus. Here are the differences between the two:

Enterprise Shield BasicEnterprise Shield Plus
Number of replacement products2Unlimited
Replacement fee“Low price” is the official word from DJI, but it variesFree
Sharing serviceNoYes
Backup device serviceNoYes
Replacement timeFree delivery via land freightFree overnight delivery

Is it worth paying for Enterprise Shield Renew?

So is it worth paying for another year of drone coverage through Enterprise Shield Renew?

DJI Enterprise Shield provides coverage for one year from activation. And if you’ve been happy with the peace of mind it provides (hey, maybe you’ve already had to order a replacement drone!), it’s more than likely worth extending for another year. Your second year of coverage is almost as comprehensive as what you received in your first year.

Here’s what you get with your second year of Enterprise Shield if you purchase the renewal plan:

If you purchased Enterprise Shield Plus: The Renew form of Enterprise Shield Plus comes with unlimited replacements or free repair services within the coverage amount for product damage to your product for one year. It also supports shared coverage.

If you purchased Enterprise Shield Basic Renew: The Renew form of Enterprise Shield Basic will offer you a “low-price” replacement one time if damage occurs to your product within one year. The official warranty period of some aspects of the product (it varies depending on your gear) will be extended for 12 months.

When you do decide to purchase Renew coverage, hurry. You can only purchase Renew coverage if coverage from your first year has not yet expired.

If you’re not sure when your product is up for renewal, you can check your service plan here.

Mavic 2 Pro DJI Enterprise Shield

What DJI products allow you to purchase coverage?

DJI Enterprise Shield currently supports the following DJI products:

For most of DJI’s other products (ie. primarily consumer-oriented products), DJI offers another type of extended warranty program called DJI Care Refresh. With Care Refresh, pay an additional fee (it’s $99 for the Mavic Pro) you’ll get coverage for accidental damage to your DJI product for up to 12 months. Many of the terms are largely similar to DJI Enterprise Shield. Care Refresh covers user error, drop damage, collisions, signal interference and yes, even water damage.

Care Refresh covers drones including the:

And for superusers, DJI also offers a premium customer support program called DJI Circle.

That program offer members broad coverage over a twelve-month period for up to five DJI products, including the Inspire, M600, Mavic Pro and Phantom drone series, and the Ronin and Osmo series of handheld stabilizers. But you need deep pockets to join the DJI Circle. It starts at $4,699 for a 12-month period.

How do you activate DJI Enterprise Shield coverage?

For starters, in order to be able to activate DJI Enterprise Shield coverage, you must have purchased a brand-new aircraft (no used drones here). The drone must have been activated for no longer than 72 hours — beyond that and you lose your window of opportunity to purchase coverage (presumably because DJI doesn’t want you flying, crashing and then purchasing coverage).

You can also purchase Enterprise Shield coverage if your product had been repaired in an official DJI Service Center within 72 hours.

Once you’re ready to activate DJI Enterprise Shield coverage, visit this page.

This is the page you’ll see on DJI’s site when you’re ready to activate DJI Enterprise Shield coverage.

From there, you’ll see an activation page that allows you to connect your drone with your new, ultra-insurance coverage. That page requires you to input information like your product’s serial number (which is typically found on drones inside the battery compartment), Enterprise Shield Activation code, user information and more.

How to activate DJI Enterprise Shield Renew coverage for your second year: And once you’re ready to activate DJI Enterprise Shield Renew, go back to that same page. You must purchase and activate the renewal year if the first year’s coverage has not yet expired. For Basic users, you must have at least one of your two available product replacements left to qualify.

Do you have DJI Enterprise Shield? And if so, are you thinking of renewing for another year? Leave a comment about your experiences with the service below!

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