Valentine's 2020 sale DJI tello Osmo

DJI Valentine’s 2020 sale includes Tello, Osmo camera lineup

If your loved one hasn’t quite fallen in love with drones yet, here’s your hook. DJI Valentine’s 2020 sale is made up primarily of its Osmo products, leaving an opportunity for you to grab a gift for your loved one who might not yet have been bitten by the drone bug.

The Osmo takes that silky, smooth drone look from the air to the ground. And once your Valentine falls in love with the impressive Osmo cinematography, they might just want a drone too.

DJI’s Valentine’s 2020 sale offers gear up to 26% off, and runs between now and Feb. 14 at 11:59 p.m. ET in its U.S. store.

Here’s what you’ll find in the DJI Valentine’s Day 2020 sale:

Usual PriceSale PriceDollars saved
Osmo Pocket$399$309$90
Osmo Action$379$279$100
Osmo Mobile 3$119$109$20
Tello Boost Combo$168$135$33

The best two deals are the Osmo Pocket and Osmo Action, both two deals that were being offered during the 2019 DJI Black Friday sale. And good news if you regretted missing last month’s sale: as far as Osmo products go, the February sale is far better (though last month’s sale offered discounts on the Mavic 2, which you won’t find on sale this month).

Plus, DJI now offers a program called DJI Credit where you can create an account for free. Once you do, you’ll earn 1% on every purchase made with DJI which you can apply toward a future purchase. Stack that with free shipping on all DJI purchases over $159, and I always choose to shop with DJI instead of big electronics retail giants like Amazon.

DJI Tello drone ryze
The DJI Tello is one of my favorite drones for newbies.

Drones can be tricky because they require effort to get it registered, get licensed (if flying commercially) and know where it can legally fly. For someone who loves drones but loves someone who isn’t quite as passionate, that can be a relationship tough spot. But the DJI Valentine’s 2020 sale is kind of brilliant: all its sale items are perfectly tailored for newbies. Get them hooked on DJI’s incredible cinematography capabilities with an Osmo. And if you do want to go the drone route, start with a simple, easy-to-fly drone like the Tello. I also recommend the DJI Mavic Mini.

Either way, happy flying, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's 2020 sale  DJI tello drone

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