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Emmy-award winning show The List teams up with Drone Girl in intro-to-drones video

Got a drone for Christmas? Just new to drones in general?

I partnered with Emmy-award winning show The List to create a new video sharing four important things you need to know before flying a drone.

The List is a 30-minute nightly show featuring the latest in pop culture, trends, viral videos and hi-tech. And in their January 9th episode, you’ll find a segment hosted by Segun Oduolowu and featuring me, The Drone Girl, teaching you everything newbies should know about getting started with drones.

Watch it here:

More than a million drone pilots are expected to take to the skies with a new drone this year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. This episode goes over basics like:

  1. Know the Rules in Your Area: Most countries have their own sets of rules about flying drones. In the U.S., you have to register your drone. If flying for commercial purposes, you have to get a Remote Pilot Certificate, which involves passing a test and getting a license with the FAA.
  2. Find Out Where You Can Legally Fly: In the U.S., the FAA has a service called Know Before You Fly which shows a map, making it easy to know if you can legally fly in a certain area. Drones are banned in places like National Parks, and some cities (like my city of San Francisco) have their own separate municipal restrictions around drones.
  3. Practice With A Toy Drone: Before getting something more expensive, like a multi-hundred-dollar DJI Mavic, I always recommend starting with a cheap, toy drone. You won’t mind accidentally flying $20 into a pool, but $2,000 into a pool will certainly sting.
  4. Learn To Shoot Like A Pro: After having judged a number of photo contests, shot tons of video myself and taught others, I see a number of mistakes newbies make when trying to take photos with drones, like flying too high or flying too fast. This video features my own tips for taking the best drone photos!

You can watch The List on TV on a number of local stations, many of which are NBC or ABC affiliates. Check your local listings here to see where and when you can find the latest The List episode. If there’s no List episode airing in your market, you can also watch The List on their YouTube channel, which has more than 55,000 subscribers. Watch this episode of The List featuring The Drone Girl right here.


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