Black Friday drone delivery sale

The best drone Black Friday 2019 deals

Looking to get a new DJI Mavic for Christmas? Maybe you’re looking to get a Secret Santa gift for a drone-obsessed friend and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re looking to buy a drone for a kid. You’re in luck, as there are drone Black Friday 2019 deals for every type of dronie in your life.

Some of the best 2019 Black Friday drone deals include a massive sale on DJI’s own site that encompasses a range of products like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Osmo Action and the DJI FPV Unit. On Amazon, you’ll find tons of great accessories like memory cards and cable organizers. And there are plenty more deals on drone gifts for kids, unique, hand-made gifts for drone fans and more.

So which deals are worth your time (and money)? We scoured the Internet to find the best deals. Some were chosen because they’re a big percent off. Others were chosen because they’re products you don’t see on sale often. And still, others were chosen because we just are completely in love with the products that are on sale.

And, for a complete list of DJI’s Black Friday 2019 drone sale offerings, click here.

We’ll be continuously updating this list as we spot more deals, so bookmark this page and check back frequently! See a deal we didn’t include on this list? Leave a comment below!

Here are our top DJI Black Friday 2019 deals, ranked:

$596 off Drone Launch Academy’s Ultimate Drone Pilot Bundle Pro (45% savings)

Where to buy: $499 on the Drone Launch Academy site (usually $1,095)

Drone Launch Academy is primarily known for their online Part 107 training courses, but they also offer a number of other training programs to augment your drone skillsets (that’s code for: enable you to charge more money for your work). This Black Friday, they’re offering a few bundled packages to earn you discounts. The best deal of the set is the “Ultimate Drone Pilot Bundle Pro” package, which includes the following:

  • Aerial Photo Pro (normally $199)
  • Aerial Video A to Z (normally $397)
  • Aerial Roof Inspection Pro (normally $499)

$40 off the DJI Tello Iron Man Edition (31% savings)

Where to buy: $89 on (usually $129)

I love Marvel! Black Widow and Groot are my two favorite Marvel characters, but

Iron Man is pretty great too. With the Tello Iron Man edition, you get the classic Tello drone (that’s a kid-focused drone made by a Chinese startup called Ryze Tech in partnership with DJI and Intel) but wrapped up in an Iron Man design. If Iron Man isn’t your style, DJI is also running a Black Friday sale on the standard Tello (save $30; now $69 vs. $99).

$100 off the DJI Osmo Action (26% savings)

Where to buy: $279 on (usually $379) or $279 on B&H Photo (usually $379)

The DJI Osmo Action is an action camera designed to compete with GoPro. Like most GoPros, it’s a waterproof camera that features 4K/60fps 100Mbps video, dual screens, and EIS. It’s interesting to see a drone company try to get onto GoPro’s turf with an action camera. If you recall, GoPro tried to get onto DJI’s turf by making a drone, called the Karma. But while the Karma was largely a failure, the DJI Osmo Action is a worthy competitor to the latest set of GoPro Hero cameras.

DJI Osmo Pocket 2

$90 off the DJI Osmo Pocket (25% savings)

Where to buy: $309 on (usually $399) or $309 on B&H Photo (usually $399)

This one is a sister product of the DJI Osmo Action, but the finished product is more akin to drone footage. The Osmo Pocket is for drone pilots who want to augment their aerial work but maintain that cinematic, smooth look you get from drones to footage on the ground. The Osmo is a lineup of 3-axis gimbal stabilized handheld cameras, but the Osmo Pocket is my favorite. Why? It comes in a package so tiny that it literally fits in your pocket.

$52 off the Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB (47% savings)

Where to buy: $57.99 on (usually $109.99)

If you’re shooting a ton of drone video, you want a place to store it. I love the 500 GB size of the Samsung 860 Evo. It’s fast, and it’s durable. It’s typically ‘expensive,’ as far as SSDs go. But with this Black Friday sale, you’re looking at a solid deal and a great price for a super quality item.

$95 off the WD 2TB My Passport Wireless Pro (41% savings)

Where to buy: $134.99 on (usually $229.99)

Another way to store all your drone footage if you don’t want to go the SSD route: the WD My Passport Wireless Pro 2TB. I like this 2 TB drive because it has an SD card slot that can automatically copy your memory card to the internal hard disk, so you can transition your footage immediately from your drone to the disc, no computer required. Plus, it’s Wi-fi enabled, so you can access it with your smartphone.

$350 off the Mavic 2 Pro (20% savings)

Where to buy: $1,379 on (usually $1,729) or $1,379 on B&H Photo (usually $1,729)

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the latest in DJI’s Mavic line of drones, which in my opinion is the best. The Mavic 2 Pro, which was engineered in partnership with cameramaker Hasselblad after DJI acquired the company two years ago, naturally comes equipped with the all-new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera.

$7.50 off the Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer (25% savings)

Where to buy: $22.45 on (usually $29.95)

This is marketed as a toiletry bag, but it’s actually an amazing cable, memory card and general accessory organizer. I find it much easier to find and organize small parts like propellers via this bag than with the drone cases I’ve seen. There are tons of pockets, and I also like the loop you can hang it on, allowing me to more easily double check that I have everything on my preflight checklist.

For more 2019 drone Christmas gift ideas, check out my list of top holiday drone gifts. And keep checking back to this post for more drone deals!

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