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Now you can buy drone books for kids

Looking to get your kiddos into drones — but perhaps not ready to put an actual drone in their hands?

Put some drone books in their hands.

A new children’s book series is now available on Amazon. There are two paperback books so far –  a coloring and activity book at $12.52 and a book called “Drone Girls And The Air Show Adventure” for $12.54. (There’s no affiliation with this Drone Girl).drone books air show kids stem sharon rossmark

The books were cowritten by Sharon Rossmark and Wendy Erikson, who both lead a group called Women And Drones.

“We developed the books with the intent to engage more children in STEM,” Rossmark said. “Most of the characters pictured in the books are girls.  This is a purposeful, important part of our commitment to engaging more girls in STEM careers. ”

The drone books targeted audience are younger kids as the books are ideally suited for story time, family time, camps and after school programs.

DJI Tello review Ryze drone

The Ryze Tech Tello drone, made with DJI

The books follow a trend in the drone industry of targeting products at kids, with a focus on STEM learning. Another children’s book, “The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone” is a series of children’s books about the positive and safe uses of drones. That book is available in hardcopy, paperback, Nook, and Kindle from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and directly from the book’s online store.

Chinese drone manufacturer Ryze Tech partnered with DJI to create a $99 kid-friendly drone that combines DJI flight technology and an Intel processor to create a budget camera drone that also can be used to teach newbies the basics of programming. The Tello drone utilizes Scratch as its coding platform. Scratch is a programming language targeted at children. Essentially, you can program the drone to fly certain directions based on the “code” you have written.

flybrix review lego drone

The Flybrix Lego drone

Other companies have also gotten into the “drones for education” department, such as French dronemaker Parrot’s AR and Mambo drones. There are also less conventional drones for kids, such as the Flybrix Lego drone kit, which includes a preprogrammed board, propellers and motors. It’s intended to be a tool to teach its users a variety of skills, from the principles of flight to computer science to the basics of electrical engineering. The Flybrix Lego drone kit currently retails for $45.67 on Amazon.

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  • I must say this is very good initiative for kids because it will give you the peace of mind that your kids are familiar with the drones and they can learn more and more about this amazing technology. Keep it up guys.

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