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This drone delivery company is the biggest drone service provider of 2019 (hint: it’s not Google)

Drone data and analytics group DroneII ranked the top drone service providers of 2019, and a drone delivery company tops the list.

It’s not Amazon, it’s not Google, and it’s not Flirtey — all big drone delivery names in the U.S. Actually, it’s Zipline, a drone delivery company that has been making medical deliveries in Africa, primarily Rwanda and Ghana.

Drone II ranked companies by a variety of indicators including size of company, market share/sales figures, number of followers on social media, public attention and percent of web activity.

It’s by no means of definitive measure of much of anything. Amazon has been quiet in terms of drone deliveries lately, but it’s flush with money. And other companies like Flirtey and Wing have been far more vocal in the political aspect of drones, which could shape up to be more meaningful in terms of future success.

But Zipline has a product that it seems the industry, the public, the internet, business people and everyone else (including Bono!) can get behind. What’s more, this is the second year in a row that Zipline has come in the top spot in Drone II’s rankings.

This has been a big year for drone deliveries, and this list proves it. Last year there were just there companies in the top 20 list. This year there are five. In 2019, Google announced it would begin delivering Fedex and Walgreens products in Virginia, drone delivery company Matternet received permission to make drone deliveries on the WakeMed hospital campus in Raleigh, NC., and Flirtey unveiled its new Flirtey Eagle delivery drone to fly AEDs to medical emergencies — among other notable announcements.

Other interesting companies on Drone II’s list include Japanese drone company Terra Drone, which provides end-to-end solutions specializing in a variety of sectors such as oil and gas, renewables, construction, mapping and more. The company has since expanded to operating in more than 25 countries, which helped it move from ninth into second place due to their rapid growth in a variety of industries and geographical regions. They’ve done this successfully by opening up local subsidiaries in both European markets and growing ones like India.

Verity Studios, which puts on drone shows for entertainment purposes, including Cirque du Soleil, joined the list for the first time.

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