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Rewatch The Drone Girl on Rotor Talk Live

What are my thoughts on the new DJI Robomaster S1? Should everyone take the Part 107 test? Should recreational pilots have to take a test? LAANC – yay or nay?

I discussed those questions and more with my good friend Bill, or “Bill The Drone Reviewer” as you may know him on the Internet, on the latest episode of Rotor Talk Live.

We chatted over the weekend via a livestream on his YouTube channel, but you can watch the whole thing here:

The Drone Girl community is the best community on the Internet, but I think Bill’s community around Rotor Talk Live is easily number two. It’s always great chatting with not just Bill, but his fans on the live stream. Don’t just watch the video, but follow along with the comments too — his fans are great!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and thanks for having me, Bill! For more from Bill The Drone Reviewer, check out his YouTube channel.

You can find me next out there in the real world this Friday, June 21 at the Lincoln County Photo Workshop where I’ll be teaching a seminar on drones! It’s just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, and it’s still not too late to sign up. See you there!

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  • Adrienne Snap says:

    I love this! Thank you! I use Drone Girl site to keep me up to date and to keep my sUAS program up to date at work. She is great!

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