Drone Launch Academy pay retake fail part 107

This drone test prep program will pay you if you fail your Part 107 test

Here’s a deal you don’t see everyday. If you fail your Part 107 test and purchased a Part 107 Prep Course from Drone Launch Academy, the online test prep website will not only refund your entire course purchase but will also give you money to go retake the test.

So what’s the catch? None, really, other than that Drone Launch Academy doesn’t anticipate anyone actually taking them up on their offer. The online study program has a 99.02% FAA exam pass rate, with nearly 6,000 customers who have taken the exam.

Most test centers charge a fee of $150 to take (or retake) the test.

Customers must also have passed the internal course final exam but have failed the official version to qualify for the offer.

A few other test prep providers promise to refund you the money you spent on their program if you fail the test, but it’s rare to find a program that will give you your money back on top of paying you back for the second exam registration fee.

For the uninitiated, under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107, anyone wanting to operate a drone commercially needs to obtain a drone pilot license, formerly referred to as a “remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating.” In order to get that, you will need to pass an in-person written exam., which many people refer to as the “Part 107 test.”

The test, which is a set of 60 multiple choice questions with a single correct response for each one, can be taken at one of the 696 testing centers in the United States.

On top of that, Drone Launch Academy is offering $70 off their Part 107 Exam Prep course between now until midnight on Dec. 31. That brings the $199 price down to just $129.

Drone Launch Academy’s program is made up of videos, practice exams, and detailed written lectures, and offers lifetime access to their study materials, a nice feature 24 months from now if you need to study for your recurrent exam.

Their customers work for employers including Time Magazine, ABC, Miami Fire Department, Publix and Bell Helicopter.

Check out Drone Launch Academy’s website here.

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  • Craig Anderson says:

    Their functionality of study aids and practice exams is broken and has been broken for a while. I’ve tried numerous ways of trying to get things to work properly. No response from support. Called and spoke with some woman who promised a refund. None has been forthcoming. Pay me if I fail? Doubt it.

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