Atop The Climatron B&H Best drone photo 2018

The best drone photos of 2018, according to B&H Photo

Here for your end-of-the-week drone photo inspiration, the B&H 2018 drone photo contest winners have been announced.

Yours truly, me, The Drone Girl had the pleasure of being one of B&H Photo’s judges. The other judges were Armando Ferreira, Dom Esposito, Enobong Etteh, Jason Vong, Jonathan Casey and Tomas Villegas.

We graded submissions on the following criteria: creativity of composition, subject’s “wow” factor, originality, and image quality.

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I’ll have a post coming later about my experience judging the contest and what I learned. Stay tuned! But for now, here are the B&H 2018 Drone Photo Contest winners:

1st-Place Winner: “Atop the Climatron” by Nathan Wambold

Atop the Climatron
Atop the Climatron, Nathan Wambold

“As an architect, photographer, and drone pilot, I simply found pure beauty in the geodesic dome that is the Climatron, at Missouri Botanical Garden. With permission from the Garden, I found workers working on the structure as I took this photo.”

See the full image by Nathan Wambold, click here:

2nd-Place Winner: “Piedra del Peño” by Sebastian Moreno

Piedra del Peñol
Piedra del Peñol, Sebastian Moreno

“For this shot, I took advantage of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro’s variable aperture to give the shot a bit of a bokeh. I also focused only on the Big Granite Monolith to make it stand out even more.”

See the full image by Sebastian Moreno, click here:

3rd-Place Winner: “Western Civilization” by Ian Beckley

Western Civilization
Western CivilizationIan Beckley

“This [is] one of the first images I ever took with a drone, and it is still my favorite. I spent over an hour on Google Maps trying to find something to look down on, and never thought to put my drone above this intersection. I drive through here every day to get to my college, so when I saw it from above I was amazed.”

See the full image by Ian Beckley, click here:

People’s Choice Winner: “Christmas Eve Sunrise over Dallas” by Tony Corso

Christmas Eve Sunrise over Dallas
Christmas Eve Sunrise over Dallas, Tony Corso

“I love to photograph this bridge whenever I am in Dallas.”

See the full image by Tony Corso, click here:

Which of these 2018 B&H Drone photo contest winners inspires you most? Leave a comment below, and then get out there now and start droning!

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