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More than $75,000 up for grabs in 2019 RoboMaster Competition

Looking to get some money for your engineering skills? The 2019 RoboMaster Competition is back on for its fifth year in a row, and more than $75,000 is on the table.

The annual robotics competition was created by DJI for college-aged engineering and robotics students. The goal is for competitors to design and build next-generation robots that “compete for supremacy.”

Here’s how the 2019 RoboMaster Competition works:

Teams must develop a set of robots, which will battle against their opponent. Operators control their robots through FPV (first person view). The goal is to launch projectiles and attack their opponent’s robots in matches that can last up to 7 minutes.

A RoboMaster team may consist of full-time college students, their instructors, and advisors. Teams need to submit engineering proposals. From there, teams that are shortlisted will develop ground and aerial robots using DJI technology, including motors, electronic speed controllers, industrial cameras, photoelectric sensors, semiconductors and microcontrollers.

The grand prize winner will receive $75,000. The second prize winner will walk away with $45,000, and the third prize winner will earn $15,000.

Teams must register by Oct. 31, 2018. Proposals will be due in mid 2019, and the final battle will take place in August 2019.

The competition will also be available for anyone to watch online on streaming platform Twitch. Last year’s competition garnered more than 990,0000 views from audiences across 30 countries (you can watch highlights of the 2018 RoboMaster Finals here).

Last year, 200 teams, made up of about 10,000 engineers from around the world including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan and Singapore, participated. 32 teams made it to the final round for a competition held live at the Shenzhen Bay Stadium in Shenzhen, China. The winning team in 2018 came from South China University of Technology.

Interested teams can learn more about the 2019 RoboMaster Competition and sign up here. The full set of rules can be found here.


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