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Here’s your Part 107 UAS test study guide

The Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test for UAS operators is a mandatory test for anyone looking to fly drones commercially in the United States. Pass the test, and you’ll get a drone pilot’s license.

That allows you to operate under the standards set under Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 (and allows you to make money off drones). But to pass the test, you’ll almost certainly want to enroll in some sort of Part 107 drone training course, or at the very least get some sort of Part 107 study guide.

The Part 107 test was first made available in August 2016. Since then, thousands of people (like me) have taken and passed the test. In fact, as of Dec. 31, 2023, the FAA has certified 368,604 pilots.

While today’s Part 107 test is largely the same as the 2016 version, there have been a few changes. That includes new questions about night flying. The FAA also changed the process for taking your recurrent test.

But one thing hasn’t changed: the Part 107 test is not easy to pass if you don’t have a pre-existing knowledge of aviation. Never gear though. It’s not actually tough to pass if you take this next step: enrolling in a Part 107 study course.

Check out my Part 107 study guide here.

I’ve broken out the best Part 107 online training courses in a separate post, but here they are in a nutshell:

Drone Pilot Ground School DroneGirl50 promo code
The Drone Pilot Ground School: TheDroneGirl

Best Part 107 online course overall (most resources, live support, etc): Drone Pilot Ground School

Drone Pilot Ground School offers a fantastic online training course with practice tests and repeatable videos. This is what I used to study for my test — and I passed on my first time — so I can guarantee it’s a good program! Use coupon code DroneGirl50 to get $50 off. It includes premium learning content with numerous quizzes, a 17-page Part 107 study guide, unlimited 1:1 support with a dedicated success coach and more.

Best Part 107 online course on a budget: Drone Launch Academy

Drone Launch Academy offers another great online training course led by FAA-certified Advanced Ground Instructor David Young. Use coupon code DroneGirl50 or this link to get $50 off.

Best live Part 107 online course: DARTdrones

DARTdrones Part 107 Test Prep Virtual Course: I chose this one because it’s a live, virtual course, typically held about once a month. For folks seeking that greater level of personalized attention and the ability to interact with the instructor instantaneously, this is the best way to go about it. But at $375, it’s pricier than the others (though DARTdrones also offers a $200 online Part 107 Test Prep Course).

Best Part 107 online course if you’re also interested in piloted aircraft: Pilot Institute

Pilot Institute is the most established of the bunch in a way. That’s because its origins are in crewed aircraft. Pilot Institute began offering courses to help people pass their FAA Private Pilot written exams long before Part 107 was even a thing.

Given that, this company’s bread and butter is really in all things crewed aircraft, like checkrides and instrument ratings. But they also now offer Part 107 drone courses. If you have ambitions to also pursue your Private Pilot license, then it might make sense to enroll in their Part 107 course, as you’ll remain in their ecosystem and be more familiar with their instructors, style and tools.

Best Part 107 online course that’s taught by an Air Force pilot: Peltier Photo Pro

John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 online training course is taught by a former Air Force pilot and instructor with more than 15 years of teaching experience. He’s one of the best-manned aircraft instructors out there, so it makes sense to want to take his digital course on drones.

All Peltier Photo Courses (whether the Part 107 course or other drone and photography courses) are available via a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

A free part 107 study guide from the FAA

And then there’s a free and instant option, which comes from the FAA itself. The FAA released its Part 107 UAS online training course, which anyone can register and take for free. That course is designed for part 61 pilot certificate holders who have a current flight review (by 14 CFR part 61.56) and wish to obtain a part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating. But, anyone without a pilot’s license can take the training course. And, I highly recommend that everyone click through it — as it’s essentially a free Part 107 study guide for a good chunk of the questions covered in the written test you’ll take.

**To be clear, that means this is a training course for people who already hold a Part 61 Pilot’s certificate. If you don’t have a pilot’s license, this is simply a wonderful, free training course to supplement your test studying.**

Access the FAA’s free online training course here.  It’s a 2-hour mix of both reading and videos.

Comparing all the FAA Part 107 courses

That’s a lot of words. Let me some up the key details in a handy table for ya!

Drone Pilot Ground SchoolDrone Launch AcademyJohn Peltier’s Part 107 CourseDARTdrones Live Virtual CoursePilot Institute
Best forMost resources, support, most establishedValueAn Air Force ConnectionA Live Yet Virtual OfferingPeople interested in pilot aircraft, too
Price$299 (though use coupon code DRONEGIRL50 to pay just $249$199 (though use coupon code DRONEGIRL50 to pay just $149)$139$375 (live virtual course)$249
Time needed to complete15-20 hours5 hours to watch the videos straight through, or 15 hours to go through all the study materials15-20 hours8 hours (live component)15-20 hours
Standout factors350+ practice questions including actual FAA questions, 17-page cram sheet, unlimited 1:1 support Awesome community, plus extras like a newsletter and multiple podcasts.Peltier is a former Air Force pilot who even served as the “Chief of Courseware” during his last assignment in the Air Force.You’ll spend two days with an expert pilot through video chat. Plus, you’ll get ongoing access to virtual materials.Originally launched to help people pass their FAA Private Pilot written exams.
Money-back pass guarantee?YesYesYesYesYes
Lifetime access?YesYesYesYesYes

So what can you expect the Part 107 test to be like? What will it cost? What are the questions like?

I’ve put together a guide titled  “FAA Part 107 UAS Aeronautical Knowledge Test: everything you need to know (except the answers)”. I also detailed my personal experience passing the Part 107 test here.

Happy studying, and happy flying!


  • Alan says:

    Great post, and kudos to the FAA. I’m almost done going through this course myself. Some good education in here.

    One thing you might want to note though, is that because this is positioned to folks who already hold a Part 61 pilot certification, this course is missing key knowledge concepts that the FAA requires drone operators to be tested on.


    –Airspace classification, operating requirements and flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation
    –Aviation weather sources
    –Radio communication procedures
    –Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol
    –Aeronautical decision-making and judgment
    –Airport operations

    So, while the free course you provided is a GREAT study assistant, it won’t teach you important concepts that’ll be on the test, concepts like how to communicate with air-traffic-control, and how to properly tell the difference between airspace classes.

    Great (free) training option, but shouldn’t be the only source students look to for test preparation assistance.

    • Sally French says:

      Hey Alan!

      Thanks for the comment! Yep, as stated, this is just the training course for people who already have that Part 61 Certificate. But, for non-pilots, this is a great free study guide to supplement other knowledge you will need to know!

    • Larry says:

      Great Alan, very important. The online test does not include most of the info a non pilot has to know to pass. I found the test easier than it could have been but you really need to study to get a decent score

      • Joey says:

        Did you take the test Larry? I would like to hear from someone who has taken the test on the difficulty level, i think alot of people are trying to make it seem more difficult to sell their pre test classes.

        • Mike Meyer says:

          I took the test today and passed with a 90%! Yahoo. However, I studied my butt off for the past 2 months. I took a prep course…Drone Pilot Ground School, headed up by Alan Perlman. This was a huge help…Alan personally responds to all questions…the guy really cares. So worth it. There really is no substitute for studying all the info you need to know, but knowing that you are studying the right material is the key. There is a lot of material you are expected to know that you will never use with what we are doing, but that’s the way it is. Having a good working knowledge of airspace and what’s going on….weather, how to read sectional charts…that’s all good. There just seems to be overkill on a lot of material that we should just know the basics about. Now I am an official pilot and I have never demonstrated that I can actually fly a drone sUAS competently…another subject altogether,

  • Travis G. says:

    Do you have additional reccomendations for those without part 61 certifications? I would certainly love guidance beyond what the FAA currently seems to be offering (a link to a page with guides for many different certifications but little information regarding which ones are needed for remote pilots).

  • Joshua says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we have to score a 100% on the 60 question exam? And if you don’t pass, will you have to pay the $150 for a retake, or is that a one time fee? (fingers crossed!)

  • William says:

    LOL….I tell ya….I have found a bunch of people trying to offer something that will help you pass the part 107 for non pilots…but they all seem to be hiding something….making sure that you are still left with that feeling of limbo. Will there EVER really be a study guide that while being broad enough to cover changing questions over time…is condensed enough to focus on those of us that really just want to get usable jib shots for Real Estate? …without the ridiculous pricing? …anyone? (cricket sounds)

    • Mike Meyer says:

      William…I’ve enrolled in Drone Pilot Ground School…and have been really happy with it. Any questions I’ve had have been answered quickly by Alan Perlman…he has been very helpful. I think he has done a good job of focusing the course on what we really need to be learning.

      I’ve actually enrolled in another course and have been less than pleased…have found errors, the course has included stuff not really included in the exam…modules not available, etc.

      Regardless, there is a ton of content we need to learn…especially for those of us who know next to nothing about all this aeronautical knowledge stuff…I have been studying my butt off…and feel pretty good about being able to pass this exam – taking it on 8/31.

      Yes, I had to spend $250 for Alan’s course…it might be $300 now, but I really think it has been worth it.

      Hope this helps.

      Mike Meyer
      Columbus, Ohio

    • Joey says:

      Hey buddy i am in the same boat, i found this guys site and no cost, just an email is needed to access a very comprehensive study guide. Im testing on Friday, so im cramming in as much as i can.

  • Joey says:

    Found a guy who took the test, i found this read useful

  • Collin says:

    I took the test today for my first time and passed. The only study material i used was the FAA’s study guide and their video lessons. I should also mention i have no prior aviation experience or licensing. That being said, there were quite a few questions i was completely stuck on. Questions that were definitely not covered in the FAA’s study material. For anyone taking the test, i would recommend spending a good amount of time on learning how to decipher aviation maps, weather conditions, and air traffic protocol. It seemed to me that a majority of the questions were mostly airport related, while only a few related directly to the actual drone. Also according to the proctor all tests are different. There may be 300 questions but the system will pull 60 at random. Good luck to anyone taking it soon!

  • Please visit for our drone pilot test prep. It constains over 500 fully explained questions. The app for the platform of your choice costs about $50 and includes an audio review. So far, nearly every user who has reported a score to us has scored in the high 90s after using our prep. Thanks for checking us out!

  • Tom says:

    I found a really nice app that’s a good mobile study guide for the exam. Here’s the link below for anyone interested ..

  • CDM_ATL says:

    I am currently using “” (Yes…$99)and have found if very useful. I can study on my Windows computer or iPad…no matter where I am. It seems pretty thorough and even has been updated with new information as I have been studying. The guy puts the new information into a new add-on module and walks you through the changes…many of the changes are based on his students feedback on things they had success with or were confused on when they took the test. I considered a classroom probably would work even better due to the immediate exchange with the instructor but have found that with a little extra effort most of what was confusing I could figure out pretty quickly on my own just using the study modules. Remote101 certainly works better for those who are better at self study. I took tons of notes to use as quick reference on topics where I had no prior experience, which are many in aviation! Those notes are proving helpful as reminders. Also you can email a question to Remote101 which they will answer. I have studied the material for about 15 hours so far and plan to finish up in the next two weeks and apply for the testing. I will then mostly use my notes (and the modules) to keep the information fresh in my mind until test time. I am sure there are a number of good instructors out there…just providing feedback on my experience. I have “Very High Praise” for the guy that did it with just an App because I don’t think that would have worked for me!

  • Jerry says:

    Future drone pilots. No need to spend $200 to $300 to pass the UAG Exam. There are plenty of low cost and event free online tutorials. In my case, I used a GooglePlay app call UAS107. Used it for 70% (30% FREE YouTube sectional chart videos) of my prep for the exam; and the app only cost me $4. Passed on my 1st try with an 85%. My total cost to pass the exam:

    $4 for UAS107 app
    $150 for the test exam fee

    Here is the link to the app for anyone interested:

  • Russ Still says:

    If you’re still unsure how you want to study, visit Gold Seal ( You can sign up for free and take the first 3 lessons without charge. Plus, you can take a sample exam right from the homepage. The Gold Seal course is developed by FAA certificated flight instructors and has been online with pilot training products for longer than anyone else (since 2006).

  • David says:

    Learn the sectional charts well. They will be on your exam. Once you start your operations you will have one important question when looking at the charts, Can I fly here? When you are close to airspace boundaries the charts don’t provide the detail you need. Check out for the airspace, obstructions and weather information you need for an operation.

  • Good information. Does anyone know how to find a referral list of UAG Certified Pilots in Ohio?

  • Dr. A. Baer says:

    I got my Private Pilot Certificate back in the 90s. The FAA at least back then, published all the questions AND answers in the pool. They were available in printed form. I would imagine it is the same for the Part 107 questions although I am not certain if this is still policy.

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