Wingsland toy drone China manufacturer

Wingsland drones emerge onto market with range of toy, camera drones

Over the last few years, it’s no secret that the drone industry has been dominated by DJI. So just who are the other drone companies out there?

This week, we’re looking at another company that has been around for a fair amount of time and is starting to step up its game.

Minivet Wingsland drone

The Minivet

Wingsland’s Drones launched in 2014 as a spinoff of CNLIGHT, a Chinese based company that primarily had been making lights. The company now has a lineup of five drones, including the S6, which is an $100 drone, to more advanced drones hovering around the $500 price point. While DJI does (and likely will) dominate in the high-end space, they’ve stayed away from the lower cost drones, where companies like Wingsland are looking to make a name for themselves. Drone Girl has long recommend people start their drone journey with low-cost, toy drones. You would way rather fly the $100 drone into the pool than your $1,000 drone, right? Trust me, I’ve heard way too many stories of this happening.

With that being said, here are some of the drones in Wingsland’s lineup:

Scarlett Minivet

The brightly colored orange and black Scarlett Minivet was introduced in 2014, with similar specs to the DJI Phantom (and a similar color scheme to Autel’s X-Star), including a 5.5 inch FPV (first person view) screen attached to the top of the remote control.  The camera takes HD footage and 13 megapixel photographs.

Wingsland S6 Selfie drone

The Wingsland S6 Selfie drone

Wingsland S6

The next drone released was the Wingsland S6 selfie drone. It hit shelves around the same time as the DJI Mavic Pro — making it one of the first foldable selfie drones in the industry and the smallest 4k drone on the market at the time. The big difference? While it resembled the Mavic Pro in form, it was just about $100. While the maker’s don’t profess that the drone has specs anywhere near the DJI Mavic Pro, it was one of the first toy-level drones to embrace the foldable style. That’s an area that even competitors like the Lily drone failed in.

Wingsland M5

The Wingsland M5


The M5 drone is the company’s highest-end drone available on the market today, retailing for around $400. It has  foldable arms, a 4k camera and uses digital stabilization instead of having a gimbal — similar to other drone’s such as Parrot’s Bebop.

Wingsland drones K3 drone china chinese manufacturer

The Wingsland K3 drone


Though it’s not publicly available yet, the K3 is Wingsland’s highest-end drone, targeted at professional photographers. It hasn’t hit the market yet, but Wingsland says it will have a 4k camera supported by 3 axis gimbal. Like competitors such as the Yuneec Typhoon, it has retractable landing gear to keep the legs out of the way while filming.

Wingsland X1

Wingsland doesn’t just stick to toy and photography drones. The company also has a racing drone, called the Wingsland X1. It’s smaller and tougher than its other lineup of drones, and costs just about $100.

Wingsland X1 Racing drone

The Wingsland X1 Racing drone

While some do consider it a racing drone, it’s actually very much a beginners drone, offering settings such as a button where the drone will automatically leave the ground and land again. Optical flow sensors located on the X1’s underside can tell the drone’s internal processor ow far away the drone is from hitting objects below — a safety feature that also ensures smoother flight.

One standout feature on the  X1 is a movable camera that can be placed in different positions to match a standard camera drone or that of a racing drone. That drone is controlled via an app, connected via WiFi. Wingsland, giving the user 100 meters (330 feet) of FPV (first person view) range which can be extended using Wingsland’s R6 remote controller.

Have you flown a Wingsland drone? What did you think of it?



  • Sam says:

    My first drone after practicing with a udi was the minivet! I loved it and still have it in storage. Have a phantom 4 now. That k3 looks pretty awesome. had no idea these guys were still going!

  • Marie says:

    I haven’t seen this kind of drone yet in real-life but anyways i am only a beginner. However, this drones are affordable budget friendly. One thing does it have built-in GPS?

  • JAMES E MCKAY says:

    I’m not sure what has happened to Wingsland but they aren’t producing anything else lately and have stopped upgrading firmware. They don’t respond when asked about firmware updates. I have the Wingsland M5, S6 and MiniVet. All of which I really like but desperately need firmware updates to fix various issues I’ve been having. I believe Wingsland may be fizzling out or simply stopping their consumer market and focusing more on their commercial market. These drones are great but have way too many issues that Wingsland is not addressing. They have a US based office in Southern California but are limited in what information about the company they can provide. I’m not sure if “thedronegirl” can get more information about Wingsland than what I have, hopefully you can and will update all of us on what the real deal is with Wingsland. Thanks.

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