Lume Cube drone photography lights DJI

These drone lights are an epic way to step up your drone photography game

When drones first started becoming popular a few years back, simply having an aerial photo almost automatically made you an amazing photographer. They provided a unique vantage point and an angle that no one had ever seen before.

But now that everyone on the planet seemingly has a drone, how can photographers differentiate their photos?

The latest cool trick that hasn’t caught on to the mainstream yet? Drone lights.

Companies like Lume Cube have started to manufacturer bright, lightweight lights that are designed to mount on popular drones such as the DJI Phantom and Mavic, as well as other popular brands such as the GoPro Karma drone and Autel X-Star. Lume Cube’s Drone Lights give users the options of a constant light functionality as well as a variety of speeds of strobe lighting.

The lights can do everything from illuminating a dark object at night, to being used for “light painting,” an artistic technique where you use lights (typically flashlights or sparklers) to “paint” a scene while the shutter of a camera is left open during a long exposure photograph. Now, instead of a flashlight, you could pop a strobe on your drone to create an image like this:

And a few more of my favorite examples of what drones can do for long exposure photography:

Lume Cube’s drone light kits are controlled via bluetooth or app, allowing you to adjust brightness or strobe levels. They are also waterproof and weigh just 3.5 ounces, to minimally impact your drone’s flight time. The lights run on their own separate battery rather than the drones battery, offering a run time of more than two hours.

The Lume Cube drone lights range in price from $79.99 to $189.99.

Of course, bear in mind that it is illegal for commercial users to fly at night without a waiver, under Part 107. However, according to a recent report, it isn’t too difficult to get a waiver to fly at night. A whopping 1800 waivers — that is about 92% of all Part 107 waivers — have been issued to authorize drone operations at night.


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