sUAS recurrent test

UAV Ground School gives a sneak peek at the new FAA sUAS Recurrent Test

Are you preparing to take the new FAA sUAS Recurrent Test? Stressed and confused about what you need to do to pass the test?

Gold Seal Online Ground School put together a video guide on what you can expect on the Federal Aviation Administration’s sUAS Recurrent Exam.

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Every Remote Pilot must re-certify with the FAA every two years by taking a written test. Much like taking the initial drone test, the recurrent knowledge testing process requires pilots to book a testing appointment at one of around 700 FAA-approved knowledge testing centers across the United States and achieve at least a 70% score to pass. Upon passing, pilots receive a license, which is good for two years.

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Some of the big differences on the recurrent test vs. the initial test? The recurrent test removes questions on weather, loading and performance airmen certification standard. Note that those Sectional Charts are still expected to appear on the recertification test.

Here’s Gold Seal’s guide to the new test:

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  • It’s interesting to see this being implemented throughout the civilian sector. When I went through the UAV school in Fort Huachuca, We had to go through the FAA ground school as one of the classes to graduate. This was way back in 2007.

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