DJI wants to give you money for your old, dusty drones. Here’s how it works

Got an old drone that you never use and is just gathering dust? Even if it’s broken and unusable, it’s probably worth something.

DJI this week announced the launch of DJI Trade Up, a service where you can ship them your old, unused gear in exchange for a DJI store credit.

And it’s not just DJI gear. Trade Up also accepts other tech products like Apple iPhones and Google Pixels.

According to the estimator on DJI’s site, a 64GB iPhone X in “new condition” could net you $490, while a DJI Phantom 1 in “used condition” might earn you $38.DJI Trade Up

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a quote

Check here to see if your device qualifies for the Trade Up program. From there, you can input details about your device, such as model, level of wear and tear, and more. If you’re ready to sell it, you’ll receive a mailing label to print.

2. Ship your DJI device

Print your mailing label, pack your device, attach the mailing label and sent it off!

3. DJI evaluates your device

Upon receiving your used gear, DJI will give it an assessment. After evaluation, if it does not match with the estimated value, DJI will email the final value to you. You can accept the final value or request to have your device returned to you.

4. Get money

If you accept DJI’s offer, you will receive a credit that will be stored in your DJI account within two business days. Customers can use theDJI Credit to purchase products at the official DJI Online Store.

Is the DJI Trade Up program enough to make you spring for the new Mavic 2 and give up your current drone?  Or is that $56 for your used Phantom 3 not worth the hassle of printing the return label and bringing your drone to Fedex? Leave a comment below!

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  • Inquiring says:

    Could this run afoul of export controls?

  • DroneZon says:

    It sure sounds great. There certainly are plenty of Phantom 1, 2 and 3 models lying about as well as a phone phones.

  • John says:

    I tried to use the trade up program as soon as it was announced, thinking I’d upgrade to Mavic 2.
    Their website said I’d get a $398 credit for my like new Mavic Pro Platinum. It was little used, complete, fully functional, and not a scratch on the drone, controller, or charger. It was never dropped, let alone crashed. It was flawless. I shipped it to them Aug 24.
    On Sept 8, I got an email saying my Mavic was “not as described” and offered me a $97 credit. I replied telling them it was exactly as described, I do NOT accept their offer, and told them to send it back to me ASAP.
    Now I’m worried they may send somebody else’s shabby and heavily used standard Mavic to me as the return. I’ve been without my Mavic Platinum for two weeks now, and it’ll be at least another week using their super slow shipping from CA to Boston.
    I really regret getting involved in this program.

  • JIM says:

    That trade in program sucks. I send in a brand new phantom 3 4k. They said it was worth $236. I sent it in, and got and E-mail saying my drone is broken, and it only worth $36. I told them to send my drone back ASAP. The program is a total rip off.

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