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The Drone Girl is going off the grid — to fly drones in the arctic!!

Hey guys!

I’ve got a new, 10-day adventure up my sleeve. Today, I’m headed to the Canadian Arctic on a drone trip! I’ll be traveling with Quark Expeditions on their Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge trip.

For the next 10 days, you’ll find me 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle. I’m looking forward to seeing beluga whales for the first time, encountering polar bears (just not too close, hopefully), and doing my favorite things to do in nature like hiking and kayaking.

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And this trip should be especially exciting as a drone enthusiast. I often hear so many people say, “I don’t want to buy a drone given that they are restricted in so many areas!” Many people live within five miles of an airport, or had hoped to bring a drone with them into a National Park. Though flying drones near airports could change under LAANC, it truly is difficult to find places where you can legally fly drones. And even if it’s legal, a lot of people feel uncomfortable flying near crowds or buildings. That’s why I’m thrilled to head to the Arctic. No people to bother, no airports to worry about nearby — just completely free flying!!

The one big caveat? No (or extremely limited) wifi! I’ll miss you guys, but it will be great to go off the grid and disconnect — minus the drone, of course.

A part from a few pre-scheduled posts, you want hear from me again until the end of July. But that’s okay…it’s summer, so get off your computer, grab your drone, get outside and fly!!

You may be able to find me posting where I can on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook — though no guarantees given that there evidently isn’t much wifi in the Arctic.

And check Drone Girl toward the end of the month for TONS of footage, reviews and more from my trip to Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge!!


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