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Finally, a transparent drone insurance policy is here (with daily rates!)

Editor’s note: DroneInsurance is no more. In October 2023, SkyWatch.AI acquired DroneInsurance.com’s assets. As part of the deal, DroneInsurance.com customers were transitioned to the SkyWatch platform. That now makes SkyWatch.AI one of the leading drone insurance coverage providers. SkyWatch’s drone insurance policies include hourly, monthly, and annual options. Coverage is designed to encompass a wide spectrum of flights, from small photography businesses to inspection services, drone deliveries, and drone light shows. Get a free SkyWatch.AI quote here.

Paying for a big insurance policy to cover your drone business, but not exactly sure what you’re paying for?

Finally, a drone insurance policy with transparent pricing is here.

DroneInsurance.com launched this week as a new insurance option that provides drone operators with 24/7 ground coverage and the option to purchase on-demand flight coverage for as little as a day or as long as a year. Flight liability limits range from $1 million to $25 million.

So what’s different about this insurance plan?

The neatest feature is a calculator that makes it completely transparent what you’re paying for.  Create an account, plug in what type of drone your flying or for how many days you need insurance, and the calculator will tell you the cost. Decide you want to change your coverage? Mark it in the calculator, and your price will change in real-time, updating before you commit to any different costs.

While a few insurance companies out there offer hourly insurance, DroneInsurance deviates slightly; their shortest time frame to purchase flight coverage for is a day. The reasoning behind it? Often drone flights never occur at the exact hour you thought — you’re running late, the site isn’t ready, etc. — and operators end up paying for coverage on times they aren’t actually flying, while flying at times they aren’t actually covered. The daily structure is intended to better ensure that the operator truly is covered for that flight.

Unlike car insurance, drone insurance is not a legal requirement in the U.S., according to the Federal Aviation Administration. But, having it could save you a lot of headache later, should you be on the hook for something like your drone downing power lines, or just getting reimbursed for your own drone crashing into your pool. And many commercial businesses won’t hire freelance drone pilots unless they have their own insurance policy.

The DroneInsurance.com team highlighted some cool features that sets them apart, but here’s a few that make this drone insurance policy seem like a win so far:

  • It’s designed just for drones: I’ve heard of many people go through their regular insurance agent to discuss adding on drones to their policy, and the insurance agent simply just doesn’t understand what they need! Made they don’t realize how high you need to fly, or why your flight only last 20 minutes — and why would they? They don’t have an expertise in the drone industry. This policy is made by drone people, for drone people.
  • Supports fleets: This policy covers multiple drones in a fleet at once, so you don’t have to create multiple accounts and policies for each individual drone.
  • Seasonal: I love that the flight coverage is episodic. Maybe you assess storm damage, so  you really only work in stormy seasons. With the ability to add flight coverage only when you need it, you only pay for the seasons you use.
  • Supports BVLOS: DroneInsurance.com supports flights behind your visual line of site (so long as those flights are FAA-approved). This is perhaps the most unique component of this insurance policy, since no other player in the market offers episodic flight coverage that supports BVLOS flights. Beyond line of sight flights are critical in empowering operations in industries like oil and gas, utilities and agriculture. It is still fairly difficult at the moment to get approval to fly drones behind visual line of site, but that is expected to change soon — meaning this insurance policy could already be one big step ahead.

DroneInsurance.com is powered by REIN,an insurtech company focused on bringing new insurance products to market within robotics, automotive and inside large online networks. Today the company announced the launch of DroneInsurance.com as well as a huge, $7.3 million venture funding round with investors including Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures and Kiplin Capital.

The policy is available starting today throughout the United States except NY, NJ, KY, IL, WV and MN.


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  • Thank you for the article, it seems crazy to ensure a drone as we could ensure a car! but why not !

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    Hi, Their website says they are NOT licensed by the State of California. Should I keep looking?

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