These industries are the fastest-growing drone adopters, according to DroneDeploy

Since drones have gone mainstream over the past few years, dozens of industries have claimed how drones have helped their businesses.

Many suggested that the agriculture industry would see the most benefit from drones as they fly over sparsely populated areas, and much of the public is still banking on the shipping industry to adopt drones to deliver their packages.

But which industry is REALLY using drones the most?

According to a report released by mapping software startup DroneDeploy, the construction industry has seen the most growth in drone adoption. Use of drones in the construction industry has grown a whopping 239% year-over year, followed by 198% growth for the mining industry. Drones have seen 172% adoption growth in the agriculture industry; that’s still a massive increase, but perhaps not the massive growth that some predicted.

The data is based on information from DroneDeploy’s users, so industries such as delivery probably wouldn’t be included since those industries likely wouldn’t use DroneDeploy software.

So how exactly is the construction industry using drones? Primarily progress tracking, according to data from DroneDeploy customer surveys.

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DroneDeploy’s data falls in line with the broader industry. Earlier this year, Japanese construction giant Komatsu Smart Construction ordered 1,000 DJI drones — the Chinese drone manufacturer’s largest commercial order ever. The custom ordered was fulfilled in partnership with Skycatch, which is a competitor to DroneDeploy and that uses drone data to create 3D maps. The 1,000 drones would be manufactured by DJI and outfitted with specialized Skycatch technology to fly autonomously over Komatsu construction sites to  come up with maps and models.


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