The most popular drones for mapping in 2018, according to DroneDeploy

Want to start an aerial mapping business? If you’re like most of the competition out there, you don’t need a ton of money to get started.

These are the most popular drones for mapping, according to DroneDeploy user data.

90% of commercial mapping occurs on drone models that cost less than $1,500, according to a new report from drone mapping software startup Drone Deploy.

The San Francisco-based startup released a report about its usage, and it reveals some surprising insights about what types of companies and use cases are dominating the drone industry.

35% of Drone Deploy customers are using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. 27% of its user base is on the Mavic Pro, and 16% use the DJI Phantom 4. Just 10% of its users are using DJI’s enterprise drones, such as the Inspire and DJI M200 series.

The one clear commonality in all of these drones? Chinese drone manufacturer DJI dominates the rankings. The news isn’t completely surprising, as DJI is an official hardware partner of DroneDeploy

The data from Drone Deploy larger parallels that of a similar report released by another San Francisco-based drone startup, Kittyhawk, which revealed that 72% of drones registered to Kittyhawk are made by DJI. DroneDeploy estimates that DJI’s market share is as high as 85%, according to the report.

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In Kittyhawk’s report, the DJI Mavic Pro was the most popular drone out there — totaling more than 21% of all drones entered into the Kittyhawk database. The Phantom 4 came in at No. 2, making up just under 10% of all Kittyhawk registered drones. Other DJI drones, including the Inspire line, the Spark and others in the Phantom line, rounded out spots three through seven.

DroneDeploy announced a live-mapping product earlier this year, and says that 10% of maps today are made using the feature. The company claims that its software has been used in 180 countries, all 7 continents and covered 30 million acres.

DroneDeploy is the No. 2 most-used mission planning software, according to the 2017 Skylogic Research Drone Market Sector Report, behind the in-house DJI app.

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