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Want a cheap toy drone? TRNDlabs is having a huge clearance sale

For a long time, my advice has been that before dropping $1,000 on a fancy drone (that you could accidentally drop into a pool), make a small investment in a toy drone.

If you’ve been holding out for a deal on toy drones, now may be the time.

TRNDlabs, which makes a range of toy drones, is offering a massive clearance sale with 50-60% off its drones on Amazon.

A spokesperson said the deal doesn’t have a set end date, but will last until its limited stock is gone. She also added that the sale doesn’t mean TRNDlabs is going anywhere soon.

“We’re always aimed at making innovative tech,” according to a statement from the company. “The drone market has changed a lot during these years, so we plan to sell out our stock to launch a few new products. “fader trnd labs TRNDlabs clearance sale

Some of my favorites are the FADER drone, which was formerly priced at $129 is now just $49, and is one of the easiest to fly, with auto takeoff and land buttons. It’s the perfect mix of an awesome drone that is easy to fly, and also at a great price point.

One of the things I actually love about this drone is you charge the drone via a USB port directly, rather than having a separate battery that you have to charge and then plug in. This is an awesome feature because you don’t have to worry about keeping track of (or losing!) one more electronic piece — the actual battery.  Instead, you just charge the drone via a port directly on the drone’s body.  Less unnecessary stuff is always good!TRNDlabs fader spectre toy drone clearance sale amazon

I also love the SPECTRE drone. With auto-takeoff and land as well as altitude hold, this drone is the easiest to fly of the bunch. Originally priced at  $149 (now just $69), the Spectre drone is slightly upgraded from its cousin, the Fader drone. With aerobatic capability, it can do 360 flips too.

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The main difference between this and the FADER is you end up paying $20 for a slightly easier flying experience. Personally, I like the flying to be a little more difficult (I primarily view these cheap drones as training gateways to something better), but if you are looking for a fun toy, it might be worth paying $20 to save the headache and have any easier time flying it.

The TRNDlabs drones are a great pick for training kids (or adults!) on the basics of drone flying without risking the loss of a big investment. They’re also a great test of whether you actually enjoy flying drones and are ready to spring for a bigger investment.

Happy flying!

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