most common drone company names

Naming your drone business: here are the most common drone company names

Want to have a completely unique name for your drone company? Something along the lines of “Aerial Drone Media, Ltd.” probably won’t cut it.

Just for fun, the team at The Drone Girl analyzed the list of drone companies as compiled in the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority list of authorized drone service providers. We ran a count of the most common words that come up in company names.

The list has 4,141 businesses total, and no surprise, putting words like “aerial,” “media,” “drone,” “photography” and “services” will instantly make your drone company’s name pretty generic.

Here are the words used in the 50 most common drone company names, according to the list of companies authorized to provide services in the UK (ranked in order of most to least common):

  1. As
  2. Trading
  3. Limited
  4. Ltd
  5. Aerial
  6. Media
  7. Drone
  8. Photography
  9. Services
  10. And
  11. The
  12. Productions
  13. Drones
  14. Films
  15. UK
  16. David
  17. Imaging
  18. Sky
  19. Solutions
  20. UAV
  21. James
  22. Paul
  23. Andrew
  24. Mark
  25. Air
  26. Video
  27. John
  28. Richard
  29. Surveys
  30. Simon
  31. Images
  32. Eye
  33. Film
  34. Christopher
  35. Michael
  36. Matthew
  37. Skycam
  38. Flying
  39. Robert
  40. Creative
  41. Martin
  42. Design
  43. Vision
  44. University
  45. Survey
  46. Imagery
  47. Thomas
  48. Of
  49. Group
  50. Peter

You’ll also notice that many of the most commonly used drone companies are named after the owners themselves. The list has a whole lot of Davids, James and Pauls on there. There are no stereotypical “female” names on the top 50 list.

Here’s that list, visualized:Wordcloud drone company names common

Of course, having generic words in your company’s name isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“To help you achieve success, your company name should be obviously meaningful to your customers,” said career expert Geoffrey James.

And according to branding agency New Kind, company names should fall in the sweet spot between description and arbitrary.New Kind drone company name descriptive

That means, in most cases, your company’s name shouldn’t require a lot of work to describe what your company actually does (you take photos, you fly drones, etc). However, they should be unique enough that they don’t get jumbled in with all the other drone companies. Not to mention, you want a name unique enough to be able to trademark (yep, The Drone Girl has a trademark!).


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