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DJI and Microsoft partner to build SDK for Windows 10

A software development kit for DJI drones is coming to Microsoft’s Windows 10.

DJI today announced a partnership with Microsoft in an effort to allow drone users to build native Windows applications that can remotely control DJI drones including autonomous flight and real-time data streaming.

The SDK will also allow the Windows developer community to integrate and control third-party payloads like multispectral sensors, robotic components like custom actuators, and more, exponentially increasing the ways drones can be used in the enterprise, according to DJI.

The partnership was announced onstage today at Microsoft Build 2017, the company’s developer conference in Washington, D.C. during the conference, a DJI Mavic drone was shown using the new SDK to scan and identify a damaged pipe, which was displayed in real time on a Windows 10 app.

Microsoft says it has nearly 700 million customers globally.

DJI had already been partnering with Microsoft in the agriculture industrial via Microsoft’s FarmBeats solution, which aggregates and analyzes data from aerial and ground sensors using AI models running on Azure IoT Edge.

The SDK for Windows is currently available as a beta preview to Build attendees, but the SDK is expected to be broadly available in fall 2018.

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