Intel reminds world that its drones are about more than just fancy light shows

When it comes to the drone world, Intel typically makes news due to its fireworks-inspired drone light shows (the chipmaker recently set a record for largest drone light show during the Olympics).

But today, Intel’s news is more about enterprise software and hardware for drones. Intel today released more details on its Intel Insight Platform, which was first announced last year at Interdrone.

Intel describes the Intel Insight Platform as a cloud-based digital asset management system that enables customers to store, share and manage data collected by drones. With that aerial data, Intel Insight Platform can generate 2D and 3D models, take measurements, share the information with teammates, and run data analytics.

The company also released its Mission Control flight planning software, which enables pilots to create automated 2D and 3D flight plans for commercial surveying, mapping and inspection missions.

On the hardware side, Intel released three new payloads for the  Intel Falcon 8+ system, designed to allow drones to carry better quality cameras, and is based on the full-frame Sony RX1R II camera which generates highly -detailed inspection data. Additionally, the Falcon 8+ system will also now have obstacle avoidance.

The Falcon 8+ drone is designed for commercial applications that aren’t quite as sexy as light shows — but rather inspections, land surveying or mapping.

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Of course, Intel couldn’t make a drone-related announcement without bringing up light shows in some capacity. The company also says that it intends to break its previous record for most drones flown simultaneously, which was done during the 2018 Winter Olympics, again this summer. The company plans to fly more than 1,500 drones in celebration of its 50th anniversary this summer.

Intel made today’s news at the AUVSI Xponential 2018 conference in Colorado.

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