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DroneDeploy snags massive deal with world’s largest software distributor

SoftBank, the world’s largest software distributor, announced this month that drone software company DroneDeploy will be the only cloud drone software solution distributed on its ecosystem.

It’s a big move that means DroneDeploy has the opportunity to become an operating system for drones all over the world.

DroneDeploy is a San Francisco-based drone startup that enables professional-grade 3D modeling , imagery and analysis from a variety of drones.

It’s been a big news month for DroneDeploy, which also announced a partnership with drone operations company DroneBase for a “drone on demand” product. Dubbed Drone on Demand, it allows customers to plan a flight mission using DroneDeploy’s cloud platform—and then request a certified professional pilot from DroneBase to go to the site, perform the flight, and collect aerial data. Customers pay about $99 per drone flight, rather than having to own the drone and make the flight themselves. Drone on Demand promises that the customer will receive their data within 72 hours of the request being made.

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DroneDeploy also announced a third software partnership this month — this time with The Climate Corporation. It’s a software integration designed to streamline agriculture workflows, including performing high accuracy stand counts, identifying crop issues, create and validate variable rate Rx’s, evaluating the efficacy of product trials with high precision, and quantifying yield loss for insurance purposes.

DroneDeploy is the No. 2 most-used mission planning software, according to the 2017 Skylogic Research Drone Market Sector Report, behind the in-house DJI app.

“DroneDeploy (is) pushing boundaries more than any other vendor,” according to the report. “Their app market is the largest set of industry-specific integrated apps available.

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DroneDeploy’s competitors include Pix4D, Kittyhawk and Skycatch.

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